Guidelines for Termite Prevention at Home

How to Prevent Termites Infestation?

Out of the countless insects, critters, rodents and all other pests, termites are the most dangerous ones. They are such pest that can ruin your house’s foundation in just a few years and the very worst part is that they are not even noticeable in the first few years. This means that they don’t even give any warning to us. It may be too late once you realize that your house has been infested by termites.

10 Guidelines for temite prevention at home

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  1. Maintain a dry home or apartment.
    Termites naturally infest at damp and moist places because they need water to survive. So make sure you ratchet up your vigilance about keeping things dry, or else termites will surely invade.

    • Always make sure that all the leaks and standing water, both inside and outside of your home are secured and dry, IF found, just broom them away asap.
    • Dirty wet gutters are also a picnic spot for termites, so keep your gutters free of debris for further prevention, too
  2. Use of pest repellent.
    Add 0.1% permethrin to paint or wood polish or wallpaper glue while building or repainting the house, this will keep termites away permanently. You can also use permethrin to the cement which you use to lay flooring. And also we know that permethrin is a safe pesticide approved for human use,so there is no risk of toxicity.

  3. Keep wood away from your property.
    Termites feeds heavily on wood so try to keep firewood and other loose tree trunks and branches away from your home. If you are keeping large amounts of wood on your property, then you are inviting a termite feast.So, if you wants to keep wood near your home, then cover it completely to keep it dry and treat it with permethrin as above. This will surely minimise the termite infestation.
  4. Seal all the cracks in your home
    Caulke and seal the windows, doorways and cracks around your home, so that no termites invade and infest your property. Also fill the gaps around electrical wiring and pipes to and from your house.

  5. Retreat your house on schedule.
    One of the most effective ways to keep your home safe from termite damage is to maintain a protective barrier of Termidor SC or Taurus SC around the exterior perimeter of your home. Both of these contain the termiticide/insecticide which will 100% protect your home or apartment from termite infestation.
  6. Expose your wood to sunlight.
    If the termite-infested item is not available in your home but rather a piece of furniture or an item that can be removed from your home,then expose them to sunlight. Termites thrive in darkness & the heat and light from the sun will surely kill them. On a sunny day, try to place your furniture outside for as long as possible.
  7. Try beneficial nematodes.

    Beneficial nematodes are very small unsegmented worm species that are natural parasites for garden pests, including termites. These nematodes search for hosts, such as termite larvae, and burrow into them, results in death of termites within 48 hours.

  8. Set up a cardboard trap
    • Take a couple of flat strips of cardboard, wet them, and stack them on one another in an area where termites are most likely to be found.
    • Because termites feed on cellulose like cardboard, this will make an excellent spot trap.
    • When the cardboard is infested with termites, take it out easily in a safe area and burn it.
    • Repeat multiple times, if necessary.
  9. Freeze the termites.
    If you resides in a rainy area where sunlight is rare, consider an alternative of freezing your furniture to kill the termites.
    Place your wooden furniture or parts of wooden furniture into a large freezer for couple of days.
    Although this can be difficult for large pieces of furniture, but if you are able to freeze them. Then, this would guarantee the death of the termites.

  10. Purchase and use termite control products
    Termite control products are readily available at your local hardware supply store. By using this you can easily get rid of these harmful pests. You can use termite-baiting control methods or a liquid termite-killing product for killing termites. Lay the bait near infested areas and spray the termite control product on those same areas and it will surely result in 100% termite free area.
Guidelines for Termite Prevention at Home

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