14 Common Reasons for Why AC Not Cooling Properly?

Is Your AC Not Cooling Properly? Is Your Air Conditioner Working But Not Cooling?

Reasons for AC not cooling properly

We all know that air conditioner is the only saviour when it comes to beating this scorching heat. But what if it stops working? What if your ac is not cooling? This can actually make your whole day suffer.

So, here we list top 14 reasons for ac not cooling properly. Let’s understand all the reasons in detail so that timely actions can be taken.


Top 14 Possible Reasons Behind AC Not Cooling Properly

    One of the main reasons behind ac not cooling is ice formation in split ac indoor unit or window AC as it leads to reduction of air flow. Dirty filters, coils and below par working fans are the major reasons for ice formation on air conditioners.


    Regular air flow inside your air conditioner is necessary in order to maintain the temperature of cooling coil above freezing point. But if this airflow gets disrupted due to dirty filters or coils then lot of moisture gets stock up inside the air conditioner which in turn results in formation of ice in the AC unit.


    So, to avoid this problem, all you need to do is clean your air filter from time to time.
    Read more about Ice Formation in AC.


  1. Low Refrigerant Level
  2. It is one of the major and common problems for your window AC not cooling enough or Split AC not cooling enough. The purpose of coolant is to circulate through the evaporator coils and cool the air flowing over it and thus sends cool air into the room.


    Normally, the AC gas is never required to be refilled but sometimes the AC refrigerant starts leaking which may happen due to leak in the coil leading to insufficient refrigerant level in AC unit and causing the air conditioner not cooling properly.


    For such cases you require Professional help who will find and repair the ac gas leak and then refill the ac refrigerant in the AC unit.

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    ac gas leak problem. Image Source-coolant angies list


  3. Degrading Of Air Conditioner
  4. Just like humans even machines tend to lose their efficiency with age. The older your air conditioner the lesser will be its efficiency which will reduce its cooling capacity.


    According to ASHRAE ( American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers ), an AC reduces its efficiency by 7% in the 1st year, 5% in the 2nd year and 2% every year in the following years.


    For Example, if an air conditioner is 20 yrs or older than 20 years, then its efficiency of cooling might be decreased by 40%. So older your AC then lesser is the efficacy.


    window air conditioner not cooling. Image Source- Calljameson


    The outside fan is responsible for transmitting heat from your house to outside air. If the outside fan doesn’t perform correctly it will end up overheating the AC compressor and proper heat transfer will not take place resulting in AC not cooling.


  5. Clogged Air Filters
  6. If your ac is not cooling then clogged filter is the reason behind it. Clogged air filter prevents the air from flowing properly through the air conditioner which blocks the functioning of your air conditioner.


    This limits the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Try to clean the filter to remove the remains from the air filter. It is recommended that you clean your air conditioner filter every two weeks. But if you think that it’s not possible to clean the air filter then you can have them replaced.

    air conditioner not cooling dirty filter. Image Source- your mechanic


  7. Dirty Coils
  8. If your air conditioner not cold enough, the condenser coils might be dirty. As we know, in all air conditioners, the condenser plays the role of radiator that dissipates heat. In order to dissipate heat outside the condenser coil must be thoroughly clean.


    The dirty coil prevents the unit from getting cold enough and it will not be able to cool the room. That is why, the condenser coil must be cleaned regularly. As the coils get dirtier day by day, the air conditioner becomes less efficient, as a result, cooling power of AC is reduced.

    ac not cooling dirty coils. Image Source-Tex perts cooling and heating


    Compressor is the most important part in your air conditioner which is responsible for cooling your room. No air conditioner can work without AC compressor; it is the heart of your home’s air conditioning system.

    An AC compressor moves the refrigerant through the machine, cooling your home in the process and if it stops working then your AC will not provide cooling at all. So if your ac is not cooling then the compressor might be damaged.


    Any fault in AC compressor will lead to stopping of cooling process in AC unit as the compressor will not be able to circulate the refrigerant/coolant through the evaporator & condenser coils and thus AC will fail to cool.

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    air conditioner compressor not working. Image Source- Your Mechanic


  9. Defective Thermostat
  10. Thermostat functions to sense the temprature of the room and then sends the signal to AC compressor to either start or stop the cooling cycle.


    In case there is a fault in thermostat then the signal will not be sent to compressor which will lead to AC not cooling at all or it may keep cooling continuously. In cases like these the thermostat needs to be replaced.

    ac thermostat not working. Image Source - Blog-the cooling company


  11. Fault in AC Parts
  12. Another reason for ac not cooling could be a defective part in AC unit which is not letting AC to blow cold air. There could be fault in motor, capacitor or the condenser might be broken or it can be due to defective control board, etc.

    air conditioner condenser not working. Image Source- consumer affairs


  13. Undersized AC
  14. While buying an AC, one of the most important things you should ask yourself is how big an air conditioner do you need for your room. For an AC to cool your room at an optimum level it is very necessary that it is according to the size of your room.


    If a small air conditioner is installed in a huge room then it will get difficult for AC to cool the room in summers when the temperatures are extremely high.

    ac not cooling enough. Image Source- AJ Madison


  15. Incorrect AC Installation
  16. If the air conditioner has not been installed properly then it can lead to defect in AC parts or leaking of AC refrigerant or water dripping out of AC; all of these will consequently result in AC cooling problem. So to avoid this, always hire a professional AC mechanic who knows the job well. Quotemykaam has a team of verified and expert AC professionals who can install your AC perfectly at best rates.


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  17. Faulty AC Remote
  18. If your AC remote is not working and not sending the temperature change signals to air conditioner, then also the AC stops cooling.


    You can simply get the AC remote replaced with like LG Split AC Remote, Daikin U-DK AC Remote, Samsung AC Remote or Universal AC Remote, via online mode from reputed websites like amazon or flipkart.

    ac remote not working. Image Source-Online Singapore


  19. Direct Sunlight On Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit
  20. It is one of the common reason for ac not cooling and sometimes we neglect it which in turn hampers the cooling capacity of AC. If the outer part of Window AC or the outdoor unit of Split AC is coming in direct contact of sunlight and there is excessive rise in surrounding temperature, then the cooling efficiency of air conditioner gets affected and sometimes after a point AC compressor stops working.


    So, whenever you are getting your AC installed, always make sure the outer part or unit is not directly facing the sun.

    ac outdoor unit not running. Image Source- the Naked Listener


  21. Poor Efficiency
  22. As the heat intensifies, we tend to overuse the air conditioner to keep our homes and offices cool which can adversely affect the efficiency of an air conditioner. It is always recommended to have AC maintenance services on a regular basis so that your air conditioner provides you optimum cooling all summer.

    An air conditioner collects dusts and debris during operation which gets deposited in the ac unit preventing it from cooling your room properly. Thus, getting professional AC servicing once in 3 months is always necessary as it ensures the proper functioning of your air conditioner and it’s parts.


As this scorching heat is going to intensify day by day, a proper ac cooling prevents heat-related illnesses allowing us to sleep more comfortably at night, and it protects the interior of our houses as well. It removes the heat and the humidity from your room to make it much more comfortable.


Also, we all agree that there is nothing more relaxing than coming into a fully air conditioned room from this unbearable heat. So, if you want to enjoy the optimum cooling of your ac continously, make sure you take timely actions to avoid all the ac cooling problems stated above.


There will be times when you won’t be able to fix the ac cooling problem and would require professional help.


Quotemykaam is one of the best and reputed service providers for AC gas filling and AC repair services all over India.

We have a team of well trained and highly qualified AC repair professionals who will dig into the problem of why your AC is not cooling properly and fix it to the core.


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      14 Common Reasons for Why AC Not Cooling Properly?

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