10 easy ways to get rid of cockroaches – DIY

Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen – DIY Home Remedies

remedies to remove cockroaches from kitchen

Just the word cockroach is enough to put us off. We mostly find them infesting our kitchens or bathroom and toilets. They breed very fast and lurk around in the dark corners of our house. No doubt, all of us would have tried various ways to keep them out of the house.

Why Not Try A Few Listed Below That We Have Collected For You!

  • Cockroaches love the smell of coffee but it can kill them. You can add coffee to food item and keep it to lure the cockroach.
  • Cockroaches are attracted to organic food stuff. Borax is used by many companies while doing pest-control. This will harm the digestive system of these creatures and dries out their exoskeleton. You will need to mix sugar and borax and serve the mixture to the roaches. Please do note that Borax is a chemical and should be kept away from pets and children.
  • A variant of this method can be using baking soda and sugar instead of borax. Baking soda will release gas which will kill the cockroaches.
  • Using fabric softener will cause breathing difficulties for them. They will die of suffocation. Mix water and fabric softener and spray the solution on the lower part of the roach’s body.
  • You can even give this a chance! Cucumber peels will react as an Aluminum base and produce a nasty smell which will kill the cockroaches.
  • Roaches hate the smell of bay leaf as well. Crush the bay leaves and sprinkle the powder where you see them residing. This will drive them away.
  • Ammonia repels cockroaches due to its pungent smell. You can use a solution of ammonia and water to clean the place infested with cockroaches. This will drive them away as they won’t be able to stand the smell.
  • Boric acid is used by the professionals to keep the cockroaches at bay. They are highly toxic so they will either drive away the cockroaches or kill them. It is well worth the effort as it is a sure-shot method in getting rid of them.
  • Another easy method is to use Listerine as it acts as a repellent for the cockroaches. Mix Listerine and water and spray in the infested area.
  • The mixture of pepper, garlic and onion has been known to be very effective when dealing with cockroaches infestation. Take a litre of water and add the garlic, onion and pepper in it. Add some liquid soap as well. Spray the concoction wherever the cockroaches make a regular appearance.

These are a few tips on how to get rid of the cockroaches that might invade your home this summer. Be careful! Keep your home and surroundings clean.

The chances of roaches residing in your home will decrease if you can make sure that there are no places with stagnant water and dark, dingy holes.

Home remedies work but it does not have a lasting effect. It is always advisable that in case of serious infestation it is always advisable to contact pest control professional.

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Have something to add to this list of ways to get rid of cockroaches? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

10 easy ways to get rid of cockroaches – DIY

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