Spree Your House Into Colors Of The Festival With 22 Best Navratri Decoration Ideas!

Let’s Impress Mother Goddess & Welcome The Most Awaited Festival Of This Season With Fun, Dance, Music, Decoration & Togetherness!


Navratri decoration ideas

First of all wishing all of you a very Happy Navratri! Navratri is one such festival which is celebrated with great passion and devotion all over India. This “Nine Nights” festival which is devoted to Goddess Durga is celebrated by people from various segment of society in different ways. From home to pandals decoration is one of the most important and integral part of Navratri.


The entire nation gets geared up for Navratri celebration with full joy & happiness. Well if you are looking for creative and quick ways to welcome Mother Goddess then look no further than Quotemykaam. We make it easy for you by providing best Navratri decoration services for home, pandal etc.


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We at Quotemykaam bring you 22 simple yet Innovative Navratri decoration ideas at home which is not only creative but easy to do as well:


  1. Navratri Decoration With Flowers
  2. Flowers are associated with purity and sanctity. Moreover each and every devotional festival is almost incomplete without flowers. Get bright and colorful fresh flowers – from marigold to mogra and decorate around the entrance door and windows. Sweet aroma of popular “Genda Phool” will create a fascinating decor at the entryway.


    navratri decoration ideas with flowers
    image source:Indiamart

    navratri decoration ideas with flowers

    Navratri decoration ideas with flowers

  3. Navratri Decoration With Kalash & Flowers
  4. Kalash present an image of Goddess and using colorful flowers to decorate it is one of the most fascinating Navratri decoration ideas that you should definitely try this festive season.


    navratri decoration at home

    navratri decoration ideas with kalash and flowers

    navratri decoration with kalash and flowers

    navratri decoration images with kalash and flowers

  5. Earthern Garbo Navratri Decoration Ideas
  6. “Earthern Garbo” which is also referred to as earthern pots is used as a part of Navratri decoration. It is a pot which is decorated beautifully with small mirrors, gota, shiny lace, flowers with diya burning inside.


    navratri decoration images with earthen pots
    image source:Alamy

    Just decorate your house with small earthern pots or place it in the temple. From traditional to studded this Eco-friendly home decoration ideas for Navratri is not only easy to make but will also mesmerize the entire house.


    navratri decoration with earthern pots
    image source:Age Fotostock

  7. Alpana & Rangoli Designs For Navratri
  8. Rangolis also form a very important part of any festival. Pretty and elaborate Kundan Rangolis or Bengali Alpona design in miscellany or potpourri, inside and outside the house will provide a calming effect to the eyes of the visitors and will emit sweet earthy fragrance.


    Rangoli Designs For Navratri
    image source:malayalam.boldsky.com

    Navratri decoration with diyas and flowers

    navratri decoration at home images with flower rangoli

  9. Navratri Decoration Ideas Using Traditional Diyas
  10. Diyas are an essential part of Navratri decoration. So why just limit it to Pooja room when you can light up every corner of your house. Pick few diyas, beautify them with lots of glitters and laces and give a bright look to your house.


    navratri decoration ideas using diyas

    There are wide variety of diya options available in the market, from terra-cotta diyas, electric diyas, scented to traditional earthern ones and using them appropriately will not only alter your place but will also give Navratri decoration at home a complete feeling.


    navratri decoration at home with diyas
    image source:Easyday

  11. Decorate Pooja Room With Pretty Hanging Toran
  12. Pretty hanging torans at the entrance door and at the temple set up with mango or coconut leaves is considered felicitous. You can even take colorful cloth, cut it in the shape of a toran, decorate it with some mirror and hang them beautifully at the entrance of your Pooja room. Moreover this is one of the most cost-effective navratri pooja decoration at home.


    navratri decoration at home images with toran
    image source:ArtsyCraftsyDad

    navratri decoration images with toran
    image source:Gharpedia

    navratri decoration at home images with toran
    image source:YouTube

  13. Navratri Pooja Thali Decoration
  14. How can we forget decorating Navratri Pooja thali – that offers Aarti to Mother Goddess. From diyas to flowers, you can decorate Pooja thali the way you like. Watch 6 best Aarti thali decoration ideas for Navratri festival.


    decoration ideas for navratri with Pooja thali
    image source:www.hindiremedy.com

    best navratri decoration with aarti thali

  15. Genda Flowers Jhoomar Hangings
  16. You can even decorate the doors and windows of your house with this beautiful Genda flowers jhoomar hangings. Just hang them in various heights and it will give a new dimension to Navratri decoration at home.


    navratri decoration ideas at home with flower jhoomar

    Decoration ideas for Navratri with jhoomar

  17. Classical Rajasthani Puppets
  18. Puppets forms a very good option when it comes to innovative Navratri decoration ideas. Use them creatively to decorate the hallway and the staircase area. Moreover it is easily available in the market.


    navratri decoration with puppets
    image source:yatrablog.com

  19. Decoration Ideas For Navratri – Elegant Wall Artistry
  20. You can create a pretty traditional wall of your own by hanging various figures of Mother Goddess in various settings and decorate the space with different wall art such as jharokhas and paintings. This pretty and elegant Navratri decoration ideas will make your house stand out.


    navratri decoration at home images with wall art
    image source:Gharpedia

    navratri decoration images

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  21. Navratri Decoration Ideas With Samai
  22. Samai is a metallic diya stand which is used mostly in South Indian houses and is easily available in the markets in silver and bronze. Place them wherever you feel like in your home and this decoration ideas for Navratri will illuminate the whole space.


    navratri decoration with samai

    navratri decoration ideas with samai

  23. Give Boring Cushions a Traditional Look
  24. Festivals is associated with fun and bright colors. Jazz up your living area by replacing your boring cushions with colorful and bright ones. You can even embellish them with mirrors and colorful embroidery and you will surely fall in love with this festive look.


    navratri pooja decoration at home  with cushions
    image source:HomeLane Blog

  25. Classic Hanging Lamps
  26. These pretty hanging lanterns will not only draw attention but will also add class and will highlight your home. These come in various colors will changeable Led lights. Select the ones you like according to your taste and your room will look stunning.


    navratri decoration at home with lanterns
    image source:flickriver.com

    navratri decoration with lanterns

  27. Navratri Decoration at Home With Paper Flowers
  28. This creative Navratri decoration with paper flower decoration is not only easy to make and lasts longer but will also give your house an inventive look.


    navratri decoration ideas artificial flowers

    navratri decoration ideas at home with paper flowers
    image source:Artsy Craftsy Mom

  29. Navratri Decoration With Flimsy Paper
  30. This Navratri lets go creative. You can create a pretty paper collage for Navratri festival and can use it to beautifully adorn the walls of your house. Just pick papers cut it into shapes and create a beautiful collage.


    navratri decoration at home with paper collage
    image source:ZingyHomes


  31. Decoration Ideas For Navratri With Frills
  32. Frills is something that compliments each and every kind of decor. You can either go for garland frills or paper frills. Moreover it is extremely simple to make. Hang them from the ceiling and you will get a spectacular Navratri pooja decoration at home.


    navratri decoration images with garland frills
    image source:Flipkart

  33. Drape It Up
  34. Just match the dupattas or sarees according to the interior color sequence or combination of the walls of your room and this innovative Navratri decoration ideas at home will surely make people startle.


    Navratri decoration ideas with drapes
    image source:Norah Bennett

  35. Peacock Design Navratri Decoration Ideas
  36. Create beautiful peacock rangoli design for Navratri festival.


    peacock design navratri decoration at home

  37. Umbrella Design Navratri Decoration at Home
  38. This fascinating and enchanting Navratri decoration ideas with umbrella will definitely add freshness and brightness to the decor.


    navratri decoration ideas with umbrella

  39. Navratri Decoration at Home With Candles & Tea Lights
  40. Indian festival is almost incomplete without lightning decorations. Place decorated tea light in your home for that earthy and elegant look. This decoration ideas for Navratri will perk up the festivities.


    Navratri decoration ideas at home with tea light candles

  41. Decoration Ideas For Navratri With Glass Bottles
  42. Who wouldn’t love the idea of illuminating home beautifully lit glass bottles. Just take glass bottles of different colors and place tiny lit tea light into it for soft glow. You can also add fairy lights.


    Decoration ideas for Navratri with glass bottles

    navratri decoration at home with glass bottles

  43. Decorate Your Home With Rangoli & Diya
  44. Diya and fascinating ragoli will beautifully decorate your home for the festival. Rangoli looks bright and exciting and diyas looks extremely illuminating. Combining both will set up magnificent Navratri decoration at home.


    Navratri decoration ideas at home with diyas and rangoli

Navratri is one of biggest and huge festival which is lavishly celebrated for over 9 days. This auspicious festival is celebrated to worship the feminine form of “Shakti”.


Just a simple home decorations for Navratri will make your place festive ready. These above mentioned Navratri decoration ideas will give your home a stunning look! But most important is to keep it simple, clear and natural.


So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned Navratri decoration ideas will surely help you.


Hope you liked all these innovative ideas for Navratri decoration at home!


Need more ideas for Navratri pooja decoration at home? Get in touch with us!


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Spree Your House Into Colors Of The Festival With 22 Best Navratri Decoration Ideas!

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