Just a little bit of food is enough to attract them to your house or office!

12 Interesting And Alluring Facts About Rodents That Might Surprise You!

rodent facts
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    Rats are one such annoying pest which is commonly found in our household. These little troublesome pest can chew almost anything whether it is your favorite shoes or just a piece of paper or a wood.

    It is very important to get rid of them as they are known to carry many harmful diseases. If infected, the infection can cause many signs of illness such as headache, high fever, jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes and many more.

    Various factors like unhealthy sanitation, improper maintenance of house, keeping food stuffs uncovered and uncovered household wastes makes it very easy for rats to infest your house.

    Not many people are aware that what makes rats so successful when it comes to survival.

    rodent facts
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    Here Are 12 Rodent Facts That Will Definitely Amaze You!

    1. Not only they stay with their group but also look after and take care of wounded and sick rats in their group.

    2. Who doesn’t like companionship? Just like we humans even rodents feel morose and desolate without companionship.

    3. They tend to reproduce very quickly. They have the capacity to reproduce 15 times a year.

    4. Another very interesting rodent facts is that they are blessed with good memories. They will never forget once they learn to maneuver direction.

    5. They can stay without food and water for long. Even longer than a camel.

    6. Some rats can swim really well. They can even survive after being flushed away in the toilet.

    7. They have been observed to make cheerful sound when they are happy.

    8. They can regulate their body temperature, communication and interaction with the help of their tail.

    9. They can chew almost anything. Right from food, papers to wires and your favorite dress or shoes.

    10. They are not blessed with good eyesight. So the only way they understand their surrounding is with the help of their whiskers.

    11. They are clean animal.

    12. There are a special breed of rats which is called Dumbo rats. They have a huge ears.

    Rodents can be extremely dangerous and it is necessary to eradicate them for the safety of your house.

    They can even destroy the pipes and electrical wires of your house. But In case of higher infestation it is always advisable to approach professionals.

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    Just a little bit of food is enough to attract them to your house or office!

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