Teenager Daughter’s 13th Surprise Party

When your daughter was a little girl it was very easy and simple to plan her birthday. All we needed was a cake, invitation to a few friends to play along and bring the smile but …

instagram 13th birthday party decoration
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Now that my little princess is a teenager it is not going to be that simple. Teenager is a phase where you officially say goodbye to your childhood and will be considered an adult.

Back in August, my daughter turned 13th, so I decided to celebrate this milestone and wanted to make her 13th birthday very special. Obviously we were not planning a princess party. Teens tend to like more grown-up party themes.

I wasn’t looking for the same old slumber or movie night party theme. Then after scrolling through lot of teen birthday party ideas I came across social media themed party for my daughter and decided to surprise her with this.

My daughter is a total social media junk and stays glued to it all the time. Instagram is one such social media where everyone loves to share pictures and is very popular among teens. I quickly decided the invitation card which obviously had an instagram logo.

instagram theme birthday invitation card
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Finally the day arrived. My daughter knew that as usual it will be a simple get together and she was expecting it to be a simple party with close family and friends as after my husband’s death we never celebrated any occasion in a grand and special way.

I just asked her to get dressed in her birthday outfit and told her that this time we will be having a small celebration at her grandparent’s house.

She was little surprised when instead of taking a lane to my parent’s house I took to another lane. She tried to question me but somehow I changed the question. She and her questions never ends.

She was taken aback when I blindfolded her. After blindfolding her I took her to the venue where the party was organised.

As soon as I removed the blindfold everyone shouted “surprise” and my daughter was totally stunned. Obviously she wasn’t expecting a bit of it also as I always kept it low-key.

The venue was adorned with amazing instagram backdrop, banners, garlands and fringe. A beautiful instagram photobooth corner was set-up so that each and every moment gets captured.

13th birthday instagram decoration
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She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and gave me her biggest hug. This feeling was amazing when you see your children happy. She was amazed to see such a wonderful decoration as well as delighted to see all her friends at the party.

We then proceeded with cake cutting. I ordered a cute instagram cake for me. All her friends made a huge scrapbook for her which included their childhood memories. She was bewildered.

13th birthday instagram cake
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Since she was a child she always had a fascination for puppets. So, I invited a puppeteer for entertainment and she just loved it. Beside this an amazing slide-show was set up on the projector which had each and every phase of her childhood.

This was specially to remind her however big she becomes she will always remain my little princess. She was bit emotional watching a video with her father.

My daughter had a craze for dancing. So, a DJ was arranged as well. DJ took the party to a whole new level and for the first time I saw my mother dancing and it was then I realized that from where my daughter got these dancing skills from. They kept on dancing until the music stopped. I wanted to pamper my daughter without making her feel like a baby.

According to the theme an instagram scavenger hunt was organised. The excitement on her face was cherishable. I captured each and every moment of her.

After few more games we ended up with food. My daughter came to me and said that this was the greatest gift of her life. These few words made my day.

Share your lovely experience with us and let us know how you celebrated your daughter’s birthday.

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Teenager Daughter’s 13th Surprise Party

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