Its Time To Get Creative With These 15 Best Ganpati Decoration Ideas For Home!

Let’s Celebrate The Arrival Of Lord Ganesha In Our Home With Decoration, Dance, Fun & Shlokas!


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Everyone is setting up the arrival of Lord Ganesha in their homes so here we will tell you how to set up your eye-catching house for Ganapati festival which will not only fill the ambiance with purity but also with sanctity.


We at Quotemykaam bring you 15 simple yet innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home which is not only creative but easy on our pockets as well:


  1. Sprawl It Up
  2. Drapes not only look colorful but looks energetic as well. Just pick few filly & fancy sarees and dupattas, hang them behind Lord Ganesha idol and create indent curtains. You can twist and put it on the edges of the table as well.


    ganapati decoration ideas at home with drapes Image

  3. Ganpati Decoration Ideas At Home With Flowers
  4. Flowers are one of the best way to decorate your home for Ganapati. Choose flowers of various shades and colors and arrange them in different pattern on top of the mandap.


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  5. Ever thought that colorful paper fans can be used in Ganapati decor? This innovative decor will definitely make people startle. Just get colorful papers & make your decoration stand out.


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  6. Colorful Rangolis
  7. Make magnificent rangolis and spread some colors on the floor. You can also use flowers to make interesting designs and patterns.


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  8. Ganpati Lightning Decoration ideas
  9. Lightning do play a very important role. It gives the decoration a complete and one of a kind touch. Today there are wide variety of lightning options available in the market & using them appropriately will transform your room.


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  10. Go Green
  11. If you are the one who likes greenery then this Eco- Friendly Ganpati decoration ideas will definitely add freshness to the decor.


    Ganapati decoration ideas at home with plants image

    eco friendly ganapati decoration at home image source:YouTube

  12. Paper Rainbow Decoration
  13. This paper rainbow decoration will make a unique and creative decor.


    ganapati decoration ideas at home with paper rainbow image source:Pinterest

  14. Bright Colored Balloons
  15. Who said balloons can only be used for birthdays? You will definitely change your mind after looking at this decor. Balloon arch will surely brighten up the Ganesh decoration in home.


    Ganapati decoration ideas at home with balloons image source:YouTube

  16. Adorn The Mandap With Peacock Feathers
  17. Peacock feathers has it’s own charm. Add thermocal peacock feathers in the backdrop and embellish peacock feathers in front of the idol.


    ganesh decoration in home with peacock feathers image source:Sankashti Chaturthi

  18. Garland Strands
  19. Make your Ganapati Decoration impressive with this simple yet beautiful decor. Take long strand of marigold flowers and hang them behind Lord Ganesh’s idol.


    Ganapati decoration ideas at home with marigold flowers image source:Pinterest

  20. Colorful Paper Ribbons
  21. Paper ribbons not only looks beautiful but also add tons of colors to it.


    Ganapati decoration ideas at home with ribbons image source:pinterest

  22. Embellish The Backdrop With Banana Leaves & Flowers
  23. Have you ever though of decorating Ganapati Makhar with banana leaves & flowers? Well if you haven’t then you should definitely give this a try.


    ganapati decoration ideas at home with banana leaves and flowers image source:Pinterest

  24. Ganpati Decoration Ideas With Hay Stack
  25. Use hay stack & bamboo sticks to give Ganapati decoration a dramatic look.


    ganapati decoration ideas with hay stack Image source:Couponraja

  26. Ganpati Decoration Ideas With Candles
  27. Use variety of scented candles to create unique Ganapati decoration.


    Ganapati decoration ideas at home with candles Image source:pinterest

  28. Ganpati Decoration Ideas With Theme
  29. Why restrict yourself to basic when you have lots of theme based Ganapati decoration ideas. There are wide variety of themes available. From Fairytale theme decoration for Ganapati, Village theme decoration, Music theme decoration to Himalaya theme decoration at home for Ganapati. Read more about 25 Ganpati Decoration Ideas at Home with Theme.


    Themed Ganapati decoration ideas at home image source:Meghana Hassan


The whole country celebrates this festive and joyous occasion with full charm and in order to please the deity we always look forward to more creative & innovative ways to set them. This festival not only adds fun but also adds colors all around.


This is a much awaited festival not just by Maharashtrians but also by people from other countries & it is the time when people get creative and start looking for innovative decoration ideas.


Someone has rightly said that it is not expensive ornaments but creative and unique ideas that get prominence.


So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned ideas will surely help you.


Need more Ganpati decoration ideas at home? Get in touch with us!


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Its Time To Get Creative With These 15 Best Ganpati Decoration Ideas For Home!

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