Do’s & Don’t For Cockroach Treatment, Anti Termite Treatment, Rodent Control, Ant Control

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We strongly recommend that you read and understand these points when planning to get Pest control treatment done

Here Are Some Of The Generic Points

  • Do keep your kitchen table clean of food spills, especially during nights. Also, avoid keeping unwashed
    utensils in the sink or at least remember to fill them with soapy water. This ensures a hygienic home
    which is free of cockroaches.
  • Do reduce moisture. Termites love and need moisture to thrive. Repair leaking faucets, water pipes,
    and a/c units.
  • Do keep your kitchen completely free of grease, slime, oily deposits as they are excellent food for
    cockroaches. In absence of these cleaning practices, cockroaches will never try food baits which is
    environmentally safe pest control methods.
  • Do wait for 2 weeks for the gel to be consumed by cockroaches of all stages. Young ones or those in
    egg stage will take time to feed on gel.
  • Allow the pest technician to see all the lofts, closets, store rooms to find entry points and nests where
    normally no one goes and there is garbage over there.
  • Do keep your waste bins tightly and snugly fitted with fresh polythene lining after every round of
  • Inform the pest technician where all there could be underground pipe line etc. so that they should not
    drill there. They can’t see any pipeline hidden in wall or floor.
  • Please open doors and windows after pest control for 15 to 20 Minutes and allow fresh air to come
    inside house.
  • Do not wipe or clean the Cockroach Gel Spots. Instruct home maids & other members as well.
  • Do not use HIT or any other “Ready-to-use” Pesticide aerosols. It will contaminate the Gel spots and
    make them ineffective. Due to the aerosol smell, the gel bait will become unpalatable for cockroaches.
  • Do not insist on gel dots to be used at any other place other than kitchen. They are effective only
    against German cockroaches in kitchen.
  • Do not allow workers/gardeners to eat in garden/stair cases/roof and then throw stale food over there
    to attract rodents.
  • Do not save the contact details of technicians & neither fix up schedule with them but always customer
    help desk.
  • Do not keep Open Food Items in Kitchen while pest control is happening.


  • Please tie your Pets/Dogs and keep for 2 hrs after the pest control. Please do not allow them to lick the excess chemical if there.
  • Please ask Asthmatic patients, Old people, and young kids to remain seated in any one room while
    pest control is in progress.
  • Do not allow Kids and Pets to touch/Eat /swallow any Rat Control BAITS. These BAITS are Highly
    Poisonous. Any Bait kept in house will be on owner’s own Risk.

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