27 Adorable Ways To Set Up Your Home For Roka Ceremony Within Budget!

Get A Happily Decked Up “Shaadi Waala” House With Best Roka Ceremony Decorations Ideas!


Roka ceremony decorations

When it comes to Roka Ceremony thousands of questions starts popping up in our head- What should I wear? What Roka ceremony gift I should present to make it memorable and the most important thing what kind of decorations I should go for.


But if the Roka is at your home … What are the things that I should do first. Obviously on a budget because we don’t want to spend much. So that calls for Roka Ceremony decoration ideas that is not only creative & quick but easy on our pockets as well.


So if you don’t want to spend much on the decorations but can’t decide how to decorate your house for Roka Ceremony, then look no further than Quotemykaam. We make it easy for you by providing best Roka ceremony decorations. View more Roka decoration ideas & our affordable Roka decoration packages.


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We at Quotemykaam bring you 27 simple yet Innovative Roka Ceremony decorations for home which is not only creative but within your budget as well:


  1. Evergreen Trinket & Bangles
  2. Just a few strings of colorful trinkets will take your Roka ceremony at home from drab to fab. You can even include colorful glass bangles and colorful ribbons tied in a string. Moreover, these glass bangles won’t cost you much and will set up a pretty backdrop for your Roka ceremony.


    roka ceremony decor ideas with trinklets Image source:Indian Wedding Buzz

    decoration for roka ceremony at home with trinklets Image source:pinterest

    roka decorations with trinklets Image source:wittyvows.com

  3. Bright Colorful Paper Lanterns
  4. Who wouldn’t love the idea of bright lanterns hanging from the ceiling. This bold bright paper lanterns will provide you with celestial Roka Ceremony decoration at home and will make your Sagan Ceremony more fun.


    roka ceremony decorations with hanging paper lanterns Image source:WedMeGood

    hanging lanterns roka ceremony decorations Image source:pinterest

  5. Roka Decorations With Honeycomb Balls
  6. Honeycomb balls are one of the most versatile decorations. You can color co-ordinate those cute honeycomb balls and set up your place for Roka Ceremony.


    roka engagement ceremony with honeycomb balls Image source:WedMeGood

  7. Alluring Floral Strings
  8. Give a dull welcome mats a break and decorate the entryway with floral garland. You can create pretty rangoli from marigold and rose petals. At the same time it will add natural aura in the atmosphere.


    roka decorations with floral garlands Image source:Indian Wedding Buzz

    roka ideas with floral garland Image source:Weddingdoers

  9. Pretty Bandhani & Parandas
  10. Bandhani tends to add magic in your home for small functions. Hanging gorgeous bhandani will not only add soft natural color to your Roka Ceremony but it continues to stay for 3-4 days as well.


    roka ceremony decoration ideas with bandhani Image source:pinterest

    decoration for roka ceremony at home with parandas Image source:Notey

  11. Flower Bassinet
  12. Beautifully decorated flower baskets can be used for the decoration. You can save all the empty bottles or take a wooden pots, paint it up and fill it with flowers like marigold or rose petals and just place it at the entrance. You can even do so with the baskets.


    roka decoration with flower pots Image source:pinterest

  13. Magical Toran
  14. Toran creates a very pretty entryway and hanging them around the doorways look great. You can use different colors of flower toran or go for an artificial one as well. Moreover it is quite affordable too.


    decoration for roka ceremony with toran Image source:youtube.com

  15. Dreamy Frames
  16. If you have a terrace or a garden, then you can create small adorable frames and use it as a backdrop for your Roka Ceremony. This will also create a small photo booth corner for you & will let you take tons of pictures.


    roka ceremony decorations with paper fan backdrop

    roka ceremony decor ideas with paper fans

  17. Enchanting Floating Candles
  18. Floating candles is one of the easiest way to beautify your place. This flower pot full of water will provide natural elements in the decor.


    floating candles decoration for roka ceremony

  19. Play With Lights
  20. Right lightning are known to create that perfect effect. Hanging pretty fairy lights from the ceiling or decorating the table will create a perfect spot in the house. You can even use left over glass bottles.


    decoration forroka ceremony with lights

  21. Gorgeous Balloon Backdrop
  22. Color co-ordinated helium balloons will add a pop of color to the ceremony. Either hang them from the ceiling or create a perfect chandelier effect. Moreover balloons wrapped with tulle will make the decoration more elaborate.


    roka ceremony ideas with balloons Image source:Indian Wedding Buzz

  23. Bright Shiny Colorful Drapes
  24. Colorful drapes coordinated with flowers will make your Roka Ceremony look absolutely gorgeous. Moreover it will give you “Shaadi Feeling”. You can even use your mother’s colorful sarees or dupattas.


    roka ceremony decor ideas with drapes Image source:pinterest

    Decoration for roka ceremony at home with drapes

    roka decoration with dupattas Image source:pinterest

  25. Roka Decoration With Flowers
  26. There are plenty of ways to use flowers for Roka Ceremony. From creating beautiful flower wreath to decorating the chairs with strings of flowers, these home decor ideas for Roka Ceremony will add brightness and originality to the function.


    home décor ideas for roka ceremony with flowers Image source:Wedding Sutra

  27. Traditional Rangoli
  28. Roka engagement ceremony is incomplete without rangoli. Use flower petals or colors to create an adorable rangoli and beautifully decorate the Puja place.


    simple roka ceremony with rangoli Image source:toistudent.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

  29. Classic Marigold
  30. How can we miss out old traditional way of decorating our house for Roka Ceremony. Decorate each and every corner of your house with Marigold strand.


    simple roka ceremony decoration with marigold

    roka ceremony decoration with marigold strands

  31. Pretty Adorable Pom Poms
  32. Pretty hanging Pom Poms will beautifully highlight your house and at the same time will give a modern effect to the decor.


    roka ceremony decoration ideas with pom poms

  33. Spell It Out With Balloons
  34. There are plenty of letter foil balloons available in the market these days. Get the one you like and put them up. You can place them on the walls or hang them from the ceiling.


    sagan ceremony decoration with letter balloons Image source:realdesign.top

  35. Create a Perfect Atmosphere With Tassel
  36. Tassel are in great trend these days. Simple hang them and Voila! You will get a pretty and adorable decor to flaunt.


    roka decorations with tassel

  37. Let’s Create an Umbrella Corner
  38. Add fun and quirky touch to the decoration with cute colorful umbrellas. I bet you wouldn’t keep your eyes off from it.


    roka ceremony ideas with umbrella Image source:pinterest

  39. Paper Kite Decor
  40. This cute paper kite will not only make your decoration look classy but will give you an awesome photo booth corner as well. Generously decorate your terrace with this colorful paper kites.


    roka ring ceremony with paper kites Image source:WedMeGood

  41. Chalkboard Signs
  42. Personalize your Roka Ceremony in a cost-effective way with this great decor ideas. Write quotes, messages that you like or you can even ask your guests to write cute message for the couple.


    roka engagement ceremony decoration with chalkboard sign Image source:en.lustration.me

  43. Personalized Photo Garland
  44. You can give flower garland a break and personalize your ceremony with photo garland. Create garland using photographs and decorate it with fairy lights and artificial flowers. Moreover this will give you tons of sweet memories.


    roka decorations with flower garlands Image source:evepla.com

  45. Pretty Kalire Decor
  46. Kaliras hold a very important place in almost all Indian weddings. Whether it is Roka Ceremony or Wedding these Kaliras will make the entire celebration magical and dreamy.


    roka decorations with kaliras Image source:BollywoodShaadis.com

    home decor ideas for roka with kalire Image source:pinterest

  47. Cute Dangling Flowers
  48. These cute hanging flower balls will give your house a chic look!You can either hang them or simply use them to decorate the walls.


    roka ideas with flowers Image source:carter100.com

    roka ceremony decoration ideas with sunflower Image source:pinterest

  49. Flowers and Drapes
  50. Roka Ceremony is kind of incomplete without flowers and drapes and combining them both will give you gorgeous backdrop.


    roka ceremony decorations with flowers and drapes Image source:pinterest

    home décor ideas for roka ceremony with flower and drapes Image source:pinterest

  51. Adorable Mesmerizing Backdrop
  52. You can set-up pretty backdrop at your home for Roka Ceremony. Use brightly colored ropes, ribbons, feathers and lights and you will get gorgeous Roka Ceremony backdrop to flaunt.


    roka ring ceremony backdrop Image source:ShaadiSaga

  53. Home Decor Ideas For Roka Ceremony With Floral Wreath
  54. From floral wreath to colorful ribbons, these are perfect for all your decorating needs.


    Roka ceremony decoration with floral wreath Image source:ShaadiSaga

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Innovative Roka Decoration Themes For Home

Why restrict yourself to basic when you have lots of theme based Roka Ceremony ideas for home. There are wide variety of Roka decoration themes available that you should definitely try.


From Classic White Roka Ceremony, Arabian Nights to Fairy tale theme. So lets discover theme based Roka decoration here:


  • Classic White Roka Decoration Themes
  • From decorating the doorway with pretty white drapes, neat white sofa, white curtains, white flower backdrop to elegant white ribbon chandelier hanging from the ceiling this decor will give you a dreamy and whimsical feel at home.


    Classic white Roka decoration themes Image source:manaplathongfarm.com

  • Arabian Nights
  • Some fancy purple and blue cushions, colorful lanterns and honeycomb balls and few colorful sarees and dupattas will provide you with perfect Arabian Night Roka Ceremony decoration at home.


    Arabian night theme Roka ceremony decoration Image source:pinterest

    Arabian Nights roka ceremony decorations Image source:projectbridedc.com

  • Whimsical Fairy tale
  • Colorful floral wreath, hanging danglers, gorgeous tea lights, colorful curtains and drapes and tons of fairy lights will provide you with elaborate Roka decoration at home.


    Fairy tale Roka decoration themes Image source:Oyo

    Fairy tale decoration for roka ceremony at home Image source:WedMeGood

  • Go Primitive
  • Gorgeous pretty white drapes, bundle of white flowers, earthen pots and lights will give not only give you a rustic or primitive touch but will give you a stunning Roka Ceremony decoration.


    Vintage  Roka decoration themes Image source:ShaadiSaga


  • Moroccan Roka Decoration Themes
  • You can easily set up Moroccan theme Roka decoration at your place. All you need – some bright colored cushion, few hanging lanterns, beautiful floor rug and lots of lightning.


    Moroccan Roka decoration themes Image source:pinterest

    Moroccan theme decoration for Roka Ceremony Image source:pinterest

  • Pearl River
  • Beautiful Roka decoration in pearl river theme will make your home look even more mesmerizing. Again drapes and right lightning will do wonders.


    Pearl river roka ceremony decor ideas Image source:Pinterest

Roka is one of the most important ceremony in Indian wedding. It is done to announce the alliance between bride and the groom officially.


Moreover Decoration in an art and getting it right is a big task, especially for small functions. But these little things will help you get a perfect Roka Ceremony decoration on a budget!


So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned Roka decoration ideas will surely help you.


Hope you liked all these innovative Roka ceremony decoration ideas for home!


Need more Roka decoration ideas for home? Get in touch with us!


Have more Roka Ceremony Decoration ideas for home then let us know in the comment section below!
27 Adorable Ways To Set Up Your Home For Roka Ceremony Within Budget!

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