24 Gorgeous Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas & Themes That Will Leave You Speechless!

This Wedding Season Let’s Create Magic With 21+ Dazzling Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas!

wedding stage decoration

Wedding is one of the biggest affair. It is the time for happiness and celebration and is one of the most important & memorable event in the couple’s life and what’s better than a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”. One of the most essential part of wedding decor is the center stage. Wedding center stage is one of the most seen part in the wedding photograph. Hence you must pay extra attention to this area.


So if you want to make your wedding stage decoration to stand out then look no further than Quotemykaam. We make it easy for you by providing best stage decoration ideas. View more wedding stage decoration ideas & our affordable reception stage decoration packages.


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We at Quotemykaam bring you 24 gorgeous stage decoration ideas for wedding that will make your wedding photos stand out & leave a lasting impression on your guests:


  1. Moroccan Style Reception Stage Decoration
  2. Vivid color and pattern is what Moroccan style themed wedding is famous for. Moroccan theme wedding stage decoration is incomplete without lanterns, colorful drapes, Moroccan lantern and polished brass. All these will set the perfect tone for the theme.


    Moroccan stage decoration for wedding

    Moroccan theme decoration for marriage stage

  3. Mughal Style Stage Decoration Ideas
  4. This Mughal style wedding stage decoration will take you back to the Mughal Era. Beautiful drapes and lots of lightning and mirror will give you a grand feel.


    Mughal wedding stage decoration ideas

    Mughal theme flower stage decoration

    Mughal theme decoration for wedding stage

  5. Enchanted Garden Stage Decoration
  6. If you want to make wedding stage decoration stunner then this sweet and elegant stage decoration for wedding is sure to be a charmer.


    Enchanted garden theme stage decoration for wedding

    Enchanted garden wedding stage decoration ideas

    enchanted garden stage decoration ideas for wedding

    Enchanted garden stage decoration simple

  7. Arabic Style Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas
  8. Blend Middle-Eastern style into your wedding with this exceptionally gorgeous wedding stage decoration ideas. Arabesque motifs and pretty colorful pattern will add variation in style.


    Arabic theme simple stage decoration for marriage

    Arabic theme wedding stage decoration ideas

  9. Lassana Flora Stage Decoration Ideas
  10. Elegant hanging floral strings tied up in bouquet along with lanterns will give you a perfect Lassana Flora theme flower stage decoration.


    Lassana Flora wedding stage decoration ideas

    Lassana flora wedding stage decoration

  11. Nigerian Theme Stage Decoration Ideas
  12. Nigerian theme is mostly associated with white and ivory. Beautiful lightning, floral drapes, shimmery and glittery fabric to marvelously decorated aisle, Nigerian wedding stage decoration is all about style and simplicity.


    Nigerian theme stage decorations images

    Nigerian decoration for marriage stage Image source:Wedding Feferity

  13. Peach Pelamin Stage Decoration For Wedding
  14. Coral or peach is a color that creates a perfect balance between dull and bright. This striking peach and coral reception stage decoration will draw attention without looking much flashy.


    Coral stage decoration images

    peach theme reception stage decoration

  15. Royal Rajasthani Reception Stage Decoration
  16. Rajasthani theme stage decoration is all about creating a regal and royal look. Magnificent gateway, colorful drapes to light decorations, this Rajwada wedding stage decoration will be a treat to the soul. Get more ideas about Rajasthani stage decoration ideas for wedding.


    Rajasthani theme stage decoration image

    Rajasthani theme stage decoration simple

    Rajasthani stage decoration

  17. Into The Night Sky Wedding Stage Decoration
  18. Light up your wedding stage with this mesmerizing “Moon and Back” theme stage decoration ideas for wedding. Beautiful floral moon backdrop will leave you startle.


    Night sky ideas for stage decoration

  19. Dias Classic Stage Decoration Ideas
  20. Beautiful hedge wall with flower garland and bunches of flower bouquet will add a touch of flair and style to your wedding theme and will give you a magnificent stage decoration.


    Dias classic simple stage decoration for marriage

    wedding stage decoration ideas

  21. Venetian Love Flower Stage Decoration
  22. If you are the one who is looking for an exotic wedding stage decoration then Venetian theme is a perfect choice. Golden lights along with authentic touch will give you a life time memory.


    Venetian theme images of stage decoration for wedding

    Venetian stage decoration images for marriage

  23. Royal Pinnacle Stage Decoration
  24. This Royal Pinnacle Stage Decoration will provide you with grand and imperial celebration for your big day and will make you feel like king and queen.


    Royal crown stage decorations images

    Royal crown stage decoration for wedding

  25. Whimsical Magic Reception Stage Decoration
  26. This fascinating decoration for marriage stage will give the whole decoration an uplifting look. Beautiful effect of falling chandelier will floral arrangement on the floor this stage decoration will symbolize nothing but beauty.


    Chandelier decoration for marriage stage

    Chandelier simple wedding stage design

  27. Fascinating Fairy tale Stage Decoration For Wedding
  28. Make wedding stage decoration magical with this fascinating and magnificent decor. Beautiful chandelier, lanterns and flowers will give you a dreamy fairy tale wedding decoration.


    fairytale theme simple stage decoration for marriage

    Fairy tale theme reception stage decoration

    fairy tale stage decoration image

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  29. Floating Floral Decoration For Marriage Stage
  30. This wedding Mandap decoration is all about stunning floral decor. Georgeous cascading flowers will create a romantic overflowing fountain.


    floating flora stage decoration

    floating flora stage decoration ideas for wedding

  31. Grandeur Stage Decoration
  32. Massive design and floral backdrop, dome shaped wedding Mandap will add grandeur effect to wedding stage decoration.


    Grandeur decoration images for stage

  33. Contemporary Style Wedding Stage Decoration
  34. If you believe that less is more then flower stage decoration is perfect. Beautiful frilly drapes matching the decor of your wedding theme will add a contemporary touch to the decor.


    Contemporary theme simple stage decoration for marriage

    contemporary style wedding stage decoration

  35. Let The Drapes Fall
  36. Beautiful satin drapes looks extremely elegant and mesmerizing. Select select drapes according to the theme of the wedding decor and dress up the wedding stage.


    stage decoration ideas with drapes

    wedding stage decoration ideas with drapes

    images of stage decoration for wedding with drapes

  37. Lotus Theme Stage Decoration Ideas
  38. Lotus theme is something that suits almost all kind of wedding decoration. It is the most versatile stage decor. Soft lotus pink decor arranged in beautiful pattern will create a warming background.


    Lotus theme stage decoration images for marriage

    lotus theme stage decoration images

  39. Floral Backdrop Stage Decoration For Wedding
  40. Rich floral arrangement, stage covered with soft satin curtains will create a festive look on the stage.


    floral backdrop stage decorations images

    Floral stage decoration for wedding

  41. Refine Red Reception Stage Decoration
  42. Red looks elegant. Gorgeous red drapes, red and golden background with with beautiful floral designs will add a touch of traditional look to the stage decoration.


    Refine red stage decoration image

    Red theme simple wedding stage decoration

  43. Flambeau Wedding Stage Decoration
  44. Light it up! Pretty tea-light candles and flowers in the background will make even simple decoration for wedding stage astounding.


    stage decoration with candles

    images of stage decoration for wedding with candles

  45. Classic Flower Stage Decoration
  46. With this wedding stage decoration it would be difficult for you to take off your eyes. Go for this decoration for marriage stage without any second thought.


    classic stage decoration ideas for wedding

    classic wedding stage decoration

  47. Indo-Western Decoration For Marriage Stage
  48. Suspended lamps with fresh colorful flowers and hanging ribbons will make this stage decoration ideas for wedding be the talk of the town.


    Indo western stage decoration ideas

    stage decoration for wedding

    Wedding is one of the most important event and we all have grown up thinking about our wedding day. What makes it perfect and dazzling is the decoration. Gone are the days when simple wedding ceremony would suffice. These days each and every little thing about the wedding is thought in great detail.


    Now a days themed wedding is topping up the list. So if you have a wedding coming up, hire us for impeccable wedding stage decoration


    So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned ideas for wedding stage decoration will surely help you. Hope you liked all these innovative and georgeous wedding stage decoration ideas!


    Need more stage decoration ideas for wedding? Get in touch with us!


    Have more wedding stage decoration ideas then let us know in the comment section below!
    24 Gorgeous Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas & Themes That Will Leave You Speechless!

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