6 Tips And Tricks To Brighten Up Your Bathroom



They say a bathroom can tell a lot about its resident. One of the most personal spaces in a house, your bathroom is also one of the busiest corners that almost every guest frequents. So, before your guest utter those dreaded words “May I use your bathroom” (and also judge you on your housekeeping skills), make sure you put your best foot forward with these simple tips that do not put a dent in your wallet.

1. Odor disorder

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First thing everyone notices as they slightly open the bathroom door, is odor. Keep your bathroom smelling great with a lavender or lemongrass air freshener. These days we have plethora of options like scented candles, potpourri and oil diff-users among other things. A simple oil diff-user set costs about 100 bucks and amps up your decoration as well.

2. Get rid of moisture


Nothing spoils the mood quite like wet and humid bathrooms. Open the windows to air out your bathroom first thing in the morning and after each use just switch on the exhaust fan. If you have shower curtains in your bathroom, it is a good idea to spread them close to dry the trapped moisture.

3. Bring outdoors inside


Bathrooms love small houseplants. Install shade loving houseplants like bamboo or Aloe-Vera in any abandoned corner, or put any low maintenance fern on the window. It gives your bathroom a cozy and homely environment and does an additional job of keeping undesirable odors at bay.

4. A picture tells a thousand words


Hang a photo on your bathroom wall, depending upon the theme of your bathroom, e.g. an animal cartoon for a kid’s bath, or frame a vacation photo of beach or waterfalls. It will make your showers happier and more refreshing. Your mirror doesn’t have to be a boring piece of framed glass too. Buy an embellished one or decorate it yourself in simple DIY project with waste materials like shells, sequins etc.

5. Be unforgiving with clutter

Cluttered washbasin

Keep your mess off the counter. A disorganized counter can make your bathroom look ugly. Invest in a storage shelf for all your bath and body needs and keep only a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder over your sink. Get rid of all cleaning products and shelf them under kitchen sink. A simple thing like towel neatly folded rather than hanged shapelessly makes your bathroom look more organized.

6. Let it sparkle


Keep your bathroom fixtures, like faucets, shower-heads, door-knobs and ceramic wares always shining. Wipe them with a solution of half white vinegar, half water and then rinse. This multipurpose solution can be used to clean toothpaste splatters and stains on mirror. Pay attention to the base of faucets, it can store more gunk than you could imagine.

A relaxed and happy shower sets a productive tone for the day. Keeping a bathroom clean and bright is easier than you think. Follow these tips and every person who enters your bathroom will be a fan of your housekeeping skills, including yourself.

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6 Tips And Tricks To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

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