6 Quick Tips To Choose The Right Colors For Your Home

Are you tired of the old look your house gives off? Are you looking for ways to make your house seem fresh and inviting?

Well, worry not! Colors! That’s your answer! Read on to know how to make your house attractive with the splash of colors.


Using colors for a better looking home - all by yourself

We have put together a list that you can follow and your home will be attractive in no time!

    1. Choose the colors carefully. Bright colors like orange, yellow, red and pink will be good for the interior rooms if you want your home to look larger than it really is. Also, in the rainy season when the outside is gloomy, you will have a cheerful living room!
    2. When it comes to kitchen, go for colors that increase appetite and help to create a warm and welcoming space. Colors like Red, Golden Brown, White, Gray, Blue, Yellow and Green really shine.
    3. Sometimes using the blend of your interior and exterior colors at the entrance can make your house stand-out. You can also use your exterior paint color on parts of your interior to achieve the same general effect.
    4. Give the kids’ room the colors that grow old with them, like shades of Lavender, Pink, Yellow. You can also use the combination of colors like blue and white, yellow and white, pink and white. These combinations will always remain in style and give the room a cool and relaxing vibe. Pale Green can also be used to give the room a soothing look.
    5. Fresh pink lemonade, Violet or Chartreuse (color of new leaves) gives the bedroom warmth, attracts kindness and compassion and pink off course bring the sweetness back into your life.
    6. Shantung 11-2 color by Pratt and Lambert is the color of hope and clear thinking. It makes you feel there are possibilities, so its best to use this color for the favorite corner of your home.


Check out this really good video on colors to have an overview

A new trend of the recent times is to paint 3 walls one color and the fourth one a different contrasting color. You can use this fourth wall to hang painting and make it stand out thus, increasing the vibrant atmosphere in the room.

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Have something to add to this list of tips? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

6 Quick Tips To Choose The Right Colors For Your Home

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