Party Is One Of The Reasons Which Gives Us Strength To Get Up In The Morning!

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The idea of a party to look forward to is what makes us yearn for the weekend! So, we worked hard to bring you a list of ideas that you can use for a friend’s birthday party or just for the heck of it! Find below a list of fun and innovative party themes.

Have a look at some of the Innovative party themes

  • Halloween Theme Party
  • You can go for a Halloween themed party. Get the guests to wear spooky and dark dresses with funky hairstyles. Arrange for drinks like Bloody Mary!

    You can also give the decorations a dark twist. Switch on dim lights, drape the walls in dark colored cloth or papers and you are ready to go!

    halloween theme party
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  • Harry Potter Theme Party
  • This one is pretty much a popular idea nowadays. You can arrange for the guests to split up into four groups each depicting one of the house. Each one can carry a wand and challenge other to a duel which can be a bet. The one who loses the bet, loses the duel!

    You can carve out pumpkins and instead of electric lights, use candles to light the room, which is how things were done at Hogwarts after all!

    The clothing options can include long coats to act as cloaks, the top hats and wands of course. You can also arrange for a treasure hunt with the Marauders’ Map!

    harry potter theme
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  • Red Carpet Theme Party
  • The most elegant and sophisticated theme ever! Get your guests to attire in formal tuxedos and the ladies in a long gown. Get champagne flutes for the drinks, even if it is going to be an non-alcoholic beverage.

    Play formal, ballroom music and invite your guests to show off their suave dance moves here! Food can include a buffet lunch with simple and minimum decorations going for the best!

    red carpet theme party
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  • Friends Themed Party
  • There you go! The most iconic television series of all times. And I am sure every one of you reading this a true friends fan. Why not make your party revolve around this show? You can arrange for comfortable cushions and couches so that you can bond with your friends the same way they do! Clothing can be casual, comfy and fun.

    Food can include anything that you and guests would love. Make sure your house is spotlessly clean else beware of Monica!

    best ideas for party themes

  • Nuclear Waste/ Neon lights Themed Party
  • Get glow sticks which are easily available in market. Go for glow paint as well and decorate your house with neon lights, glow in the dark balloons and food items. Get everybody to wear black and let the painting begin! This is one of the party themes people of all ages will enjoy.

    neon theme party decoration
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  • Game of Thrones Themed Party
  • Lets’ keep the violence aside, though! Get your folks to dress up as the stars of the show. Arrange for a quiz about the show and see who is the most loyal fan!

    game of thrones theme party decoration

  • 60s Themed Party
  • Run some oldies on the speakers. and show off your groovy steps. The attire for the evening can be the fashion that “in” during the ’60s. The decor can include old movie posters. Why not get all the people together and watch an old classic too?

    60s theme party decoration
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    So, hope you enjoyed the list and have already formulated a plan for the next themed party you are going to throw!


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