7 Easy Games For Kids Birthday Party!

Planning Birthday Party For Your Kid? But The Big Question Is How Do We Keep Them Engaged And Occupied?

games for kid's birthday party

    Games forms the important part of any party and Interesting games can make any birthday party come to life.

    It is very important for social, emotional, linguistic and intellectual growth of the child and what is best to include games according to the theme.

    Here we have collected some interesting games for kids birthday party:

    1. Secret Bag

      • In this game all you need to do is prepare a bunch of secret bags before the party.

      • Then place a different items into each one.

      • For more fun try to keep creative items in the bag such as socks folded into a ball, a remote control or a tube of toothpaste.

      • Each child will put their hands into the bag and they will have to guess the item without looking at it.

      • The kid who guesses the most correct answer wins!

      mystery bag games for kids birthday party
      image source:Scholastic

    2. Statue Dance

      • This is a super fun game.

      • The kids will have to show their moves when the music is turned on.

      • When the music stops everyone must freeze.

      • If you see anyone moving when the music stops then that kid must sit out.

      statue dance birthday party games for kids
      image source:Ministry Of Party

    3. Balloon Relay

      • Divide the kids into two teams with equal number of kids in both the group and line them up.

      • Then keep a big basket of inflated balloons.

      • As soon as you get the start signal, the first two kids from both the team needs to run to the basket and seizes the balloon.

      • They need to burst it by sitting on them. As soon as it has popped, quickly run back to your respective team and tag the next player.

      • The team who pops all the balloons is the winner.

      balloon relay games for kids birthday party
      image source:pinterest

    4. Four Corners

      • This is a perfect indoor game which requires around 10–15 kids.

      • To play this game just number the corners of the room and explain to the kids where each corner is.

      • Then one kid is blindfolded and made to stand in the center of the room. The other players have around 10 second to reach the corners of the room quietly. After 10 seconds everyone should be in the corner.

      • The girl who is in the center call out a corner number and everyone who is in that corner is out.

      • Then,everyone switches corners and the game continues. You can continue this game as long as you want.

      four corner games for kids birthday party
      image source:BigFday

    5. Balloon Blow

      • Balloon blow is a game which can be played indoor. All you need for this game is lots of colorful balloons.

      • Just divide the people into pairs.

      • All you need to do is to keep the balloons into the air by just blowing at it.

      • Whoever keeps the balloon into the air for the longer time is the winner.

      balloon blow games for kids birthday party
      image source:pinterest

    6. Treasure Hunt

      • You can organize a treasure hunt which will go with any theme party.

      • All you need to do is place small clues and give them a hint to find it.

      • You can keep chocolate coin as one of the clue if you organize pirate theme birthday party.

      • Whoever finds the most items win the hunt.

      treasure hunt games for kids birthday party
      image source:The Everyday Momma – blogger

    7. Balloon Dart

  • This is one of the interesting games for kids birthday party.

  • The objective of this game is to pop the balloons with dart.

  • Whoever burst the maximum number of balloons is the winner.

balloon dart games for kids birthday party
image source:pinterest

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7 Easy Games For Kids Birthday Party!

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