8 Home remedies to keep the mosquitoes away

MOSQUITOES- One Of The Deadliest Insects Known To Mankind!

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Mosquitoes spread many dangerous diseases and are particularly sneaky enough to get inside your carefully sheltered house! We have compiled a list of the precautions and to-do things that will help you keep these creatures at bay.



  • Dry Ice
  • Place dry ice in a box or container. When the mosquitoes are attracted towards the dry ice, close the top. This is a very effective of getting rid of these creatures.

    dry ice to kill mosquitoes
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  • Garlic
  • Mosquitoes hate the smell of garlic. Crush the garlic and boil in in water. Use a sprayer to spray the garlic water around the room. This will act as a powerful repellent.

    garlic to keep mosquitoes away
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  • Coffee
  • Sprinkle coffee grounds where you find stagnant water. This is highly useful in preventing mosquitoes from breeding as it kills them before they are hatched.

    coffee to keep mosquitoes away
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  • Mix of Lilac oil and coconut oil
  • Mix Indian lilac oil and coconut oil and apply it all over you. This will act as a protective bubble and will keep the mosquitoes away from pestering you.

    lilac and coconut oil to keep mosquitoes away
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  • Camphor
  • The easiest method ever. Close the windows, the¬†doors, and all other openings. Light the camphor and let it burn out. The mosquitoes will flee as they hate the smell.

    camphor to keep mosquitoes away
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  • Plant mosquito repellent plants
  • If you have a garden, why not try planting the shrubs and plants which provide a natural cover for us and repel mosquitoes? Lavender is a common example that can be used for this purpose as well as make your garden look lovely!

    mosquito repellent plants
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  • Neem oil
  • Another excellent idea! It is a natural insecticide and can be used to keep away insects. Just apply it all over yourself and make your very own barrier! It is non-sticky and it is a natural product. So, chances for allergies are very less.

    neem oil to repel mosquito
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  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Mix lemon oil and a drop of eucalyptus oil and apply it on your body. This will act as a mosquito repellent. Since eucalyptus is also good for your health, it has double benefits!


    Check out this home-made mosquito trap as well:

    There you go!

    Try out these remedies and let us know how it goes!

    If you have any more home remedies, do let us know about it in the comments below!

    8 Home remedies to keep the mosquitoes away

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