9 Home remedies to get rid of termites,cockroach,rodents and Bedbugs

Here are few great tips for you to get rid of termites, cockroach, rodents and bedbugs.

Getting pest-control done professionally is probably one of the best ideas. It will last you for 3 to 6 months and it will probably be the wise choice in the longer run. Get rid of termites and other creatures with these home remedies!

  • Liquid concentrates after dilution can be sprayed on the walls and used while cleaning the floors. This will repel rodents and insects and thus act as a barrier.
  • One can also try Fumigation. It is a method which emits gaseous form of pesticides which will suffocate and kill the pests in that area.

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Cockroaches treatment remedies – How to get rid of Cockroaches?

  • Cockroaches and rats are the bane of any Indian household. You can keep them in check by taking a bit of effort. Check your drainage flow. Keep your house airy and as far as possible, avoid dark spaces where you just pile up junk.
  • A mixture of garlic, onions and pepper solution will act as a pesticide and keep the cockroaches away. You can also otherwise use sugar with baking soda.
  • Bay leaves are probably the easiest way to keep the roaches away from your kitchen and house. Put small packets of bay leaves in dark areas such as your shelves. The cockroaches will be repelled by the smell.

Termite control remedies – How to get rid of termites?

    • Termites can destroy your house and furniture. A solution of aloevera gel and water or white vinegar and olive oil are excellent ways to keep termites under check.
    • Termite sprays have also proved to be quite helpful in keeping these creatures at bay.
    • You can also use this trusted formula of boric acid and water. Just rub this solution over the infected region


Rats and rodents remedies – how to get rid of Rats and Rodents?

    • There are many traps, baits and chemicals available in the market to help you win against the rodents. Rats multiply quickly and are especially unhygienic.
    • A solution of Ammonia with water is a great way to keep rats away. You can also use peppermint oil or pepper as rats can’t stand the smell of them.
    • Bay leaves act as poison for rats as they tend to think of them as food and eat it which eventually kills them.


Bedbugs remedies – how to get rid of Bedbugs?

    • Bedbugs are one of the worst problems we face. Fortunately, there are many cures. Contrary to the popular belief that bed bugs reside in bed and mattresses, they can also reside in wooden frames, boxes and along the sides of the wall. It is up to us to keep the place neat and clean.
    • Vacuum your house thoroughly and regularly. Make sure all the mattresses, cushions, stuffed toys and pillows are cleaned at regular intervals of time.
    • You can use hot steam to get rid of the bed bugs that might be in your bed, bed frames, mattresses, sofas and the like.


Above are a few tips on how to get rid of termite, Cockroaches, rodents and bedbugs that might invade your home this summer.
Be careful! Keep your home and surroundings clean. 



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9 Home remedies to get rid of termites,cockroach,rodents and Bedbugs

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