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  • Why Has Ice Formed On My Air Conditioner?

  • Ice formation on an air conditioner is a common problem. When ice or frost builds up on your AC unit, cooling process gets effected. In worse cases an air conditioner stops cooling completely.
    Here are 3 common reasons behind it. Read more


  • Why Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Necessary?

  • For a complete clean, more than just the filter needs to be cleaned. To achieve the best indoor air quality, a full professional clean is required. Read more!


  • What Can You Do Yourself To Make Air Conditioner Run Efficiently?

  • Here are few tips that will make your air conditioner run efficiently.
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  • 5 AC Myths That You Should Not Believe!

  • Here are five AC repair myths that could be costing money and time, and you should stop following. Read more!


  • AC Repair Signs That Should Not Be Ignored!

  • Here are a few AC repair signs that you can’t ignore if you want to hang on to your current unit a little longer before investing in a new one.
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  • 13 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

  • Why my AC not cooling properly? Here we list top 13 reasons for AC not blowing cold air. Compressor Issues, Issues with Gas leakage & Faulty AC Coil. Read more!


  • How often should one get AC gas filling done?

  • With time Freon which is the technical name of the gas refrigerant in the air condition gets exhausted. Read more!