Naming Ceremony Decoration | Ideas To Plan A Perfect Cradle Ceremony

Its Time To Give Your Little Bundle Of Joy A Special Name- Naming Ceremony Decoration Ideas!


decoration for naming ceremony 

First of all a big “CONGRATULATIONS” on your baby’s naming ceremony! Obviously such a splendid occasion needs to be embellished with wonderful naming ceremony decoration. Confused how to decorate the venue? Worry not, here we have got bunch of ideas that will help you to get the best decorations for naming ceremony.


We at Quotemykaam bring you simple yet innovative Naming ceremony decorations ideas and themes that will absolutely make a happy day for your baby.


  1. Flower Decoration For Naming Ceremony
  2. Flowers are not only refreshing but is also considered propitious so how can cradle ceremony be complete without flowers. So let’s have a look at some of the spectacular flower decoration for baby naming ceremony:


    • Pearly Pink Naming Ceremony Flower Decoration:
    • This pink themed naming ceremony flower decoration is perfect for your little baby girl. Gorgeous pinky backdrop with pink and purple flowers and frilly drapes will add a touch of elegance to the decor.

    baby naming ceremony decoration ideas with flowers

    pearly pink naming ceremony decoration  ideas

    • Naming Ceremony Decoration With Traditional Marigold Flowers:
    • If you are the one who is more into cultural and traditional side then you can surely go for traditional marigold. Traditional yellow and orange Genda flowers will create a gorgeous decorations for naming ceremony. Just take a few strands of marigold and create a beautiful canopy for performing the rite and rituals.

    naming ceremony decorations with marigold flowers

    • Floral Backdrop:
    • This pretty and gorgeous white floral decoration is sure to create a beautiful backdrop for your baby’s cradle ceremony.

    decoration for naming ceremony with white floral backdrop Image source:Flickr

    naming ceremony decorations with floral backdrop Image source:pinterest

    Planning naming ceremony can sometimes get quite difficult and this is where we step in. From gorgeous canopy of flowers to setting up beautiful floral arrangements we will make your baby’s cradle ceremony the talk of the town. Contact us for best flower decoration for naming ceremony.


    Book Flower Decorator

  3. Balloon Decoration For Naming Ceremony
  4. Who knew that balloons can even make baby naming ceremony decoration look amazing! You can make use of balloons in different decors and colors for naming ceremony. View more cradle ceremony balloon decoration images.


    • Balloon Ceiling Naming Ceremony Decoration:
    • Print your baby’s name and photos on the balloons and get an amazing balloon ceiling decoration. Just top ceiling balloons with colorful ribbons and balloons strings tied along with baby photos and family pictures.

    new born baby naming ceremony decoration with tulle balloons

    • Letter Balloons:
    • To make baby naming ceremony decoration look wonderful you can use balloon to create name of your kid.

    letter balloon baby naming ceremony decoration ideas

    • Balloon Column:
    • Try out this amazing balloon column decoration.

    naming ceremony decoration with balloon columns

    • Stage Decoration For Naming Ceremony With Balloon Arches:
    • Balloon arch is one of the great party decor. Be it wedding, birthday or cradle ceremony balloon arch will create a glitzy and wonderful backdrop.

    naming ceremony decoration with balloon arches

    From creating a beautiful balloon wreath to decorating your home with balloon arches and balloon columns, we will add life and colour to the ceremony. Contact us for best balloon decoration for baby naming ceremony.


    Book Balloon Decorator

  5. Naming Ceremony Decoration With Drapes
  6. Who isn’t fond of beautiful drapes? Just replace crystal chandelier and dress up the ceiling with colorful drapes.


    naming ceremony decoration with drapes

    naming ceremony decoration ideas with drapes Image source:Pinterest

  7. Naming Ceremony Decoration Ideas With Colorful Lanterns
  8. Lanterns are known to brighten up the area. Add charm to the decor by hanging colourful lamps from the rooftop.


    cradle ceremony decoration with lanterns Image source:Arrowhead DJ

  9. Naming Ceremony Decoration Ideas With Paper Pinwheels
  10. Paper pinwheels are perfect for any part decor. Group of gorgeous paper pinwheel will make a pretty backdrop for cradle ceremony decoration.


    decoration ideas for naming ceremony with paper pinwheels

  11. Naming Ceremony Decoration With Tissue Paper Flowers
  12. These “rivers of artificial flowers” will leave your guests awestruck!


    decorations for naming ceremony with artificial flowers Image Party stories

  13. Cradle Decoration With Flowers & Balloons
  14. Decorate your baby’s cradle with colorful flowers and bunches of balloons.


    decoration ideas for naming ceremony  with balloons and flowers


Innovative Naming Ceremony Decoration Themes

  • Butterfly Theme Naming Ceremony Decoration
  • You can decorate the venue with customized butterfly board cut-outs, hang polka dot balloons, beautiful butterfly backdrop welcoming your child to cradle decoration with flowers and paper butterflies. You can even adorn the place with colourful curtains.


    butterfly theme naming ceremony decoration Image source:Event Creators

  • Lotus Theme Naming Ceremony Decoration
  • You can beautifully decorate lotus structured cradle with flowers and drapes or you can even go for satin cloth backdrop and curtains.


    lotus theme baby naming ceremony decoration

    lotus theme naming ceremony ideas

  • Sunflower Theme Cradle Ceremony Decoration
  • Yellow and brown sunflower theme cradle decoration is a perfect way to welcome your little bundle of joy home. You can decorate the venue with large sunflower cut-outs and decorate the cradle with yellow polka-dot balloons and yellow frilly drapes.


    sunflower theme naming ceremony decoration

  • Peacock Theme Naming Ceremony Decoration
  • You can beautifully adorn the venue with polka dot backdrop and attach peacock cut-outs. Decorate peacock structured cradle with purple and blue frilly drapes, flowers and cloth.


    peacock theme decoration for naming ceremony Image

    peacock theme naming ceremony decoration ideas

  • Fairy Theme Naming Ceremony Decoration
  • This pink and purple fairytale theme naming ceremony decoration will definitely create a unique decoration.


    fairy theme cradle ceremony decorations Image source:The Wedding Fairies

Cradle ceremony or baby naming ceremony is one of the most adorable event which is given utmost importance in each and every Indian household.


According to Hindu culture it is one of the most felicitous custom to name the baby by performing several rituals. Welcoming home an adorable bundle of joy is a heart touching and enduring moment for each and every family members.


Not only it creates a strong bond of love and trust between baby and other family members but also creates a magical moments.


So if you haven’t decided the decoration and don’t know from where to start then the above mentioned ideas will surely help you.


Need more Naming ceremony decoration ideas? Get in touch with us!


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Naming Ceremony Decoration | Ideas To Plan A Perfect Cradle Ceremony

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