Beautiful hygienic home – Maintaining Sofa and Carpets

Sofa and carpet cleaning
Maintaining clean sofas and carpets

While we all look at our homes as being accomplished successes in terms of cleaning and decor, there is often more than what meets the eye. There can be moments of disgrace that you can face even at the hands of a apparently clean and well done up house.

One fine day, I storm into your house as an unannounced guest and you being a generous host, welcome me in with superlative hospitality. As I prepare to make myself comfortable at your stunning place, I sink into that sofa in your living room that shouts comfort.

What follows next is a horror you never perhaps even contemplated. A blizzard of dust rising above as I, your guest, sink below and bunches of your lovely dog’s hair hiding trapped in the rug below the coffee table show up!

Not one of the most fanciful sights to visualise, is it?

Let me remind you, a lot of effort and a fair amount of currency went into the installation of the sofa and the carpet. Attention must be paid.

And as you are reading this, Dear Reader, I’m sure it is beginning to dawn upon you, how years have come and gone, and your furniture and upholstery have withstood the tests of storms of dust and whirlpools of all sorts of micro and marco organisms!

Here are a few DIYs to keep a tab on the cleanliness of your furniture upholstery and rugs:

1) Never underestimate the power of your good old vacuum cleaner. The ultimate in hand solution to all the hard-to-get-rid-of grime and dust is in in fact, the vacuum cleaner. So in order to ensure clean sofas and carpets all year round, make sure to give them a monthly vacuum clean up.

Unclean Sofa

2) Pet hair caught up inside the rugs and carpets can be harmful for children as they contribute to various skin and respiratory problems. So make sure to brush your carpets clean of all the dog fuzz at least once in two days if not everyday.

3) All of us love to eat, drink and chill on our sofas and this often leaves the poor sofa fed with food and drink stains of all sorts. How you can attend to these stains like first-aid is to blot these stains using vinegar or vodka on a cloth and allowing the fabric to dry.

4) And finally, it goes without saying that while there’s still time for you to take the call, you must build up on your good deeds and book your dear sofas, chairs, settees, carpets and rugs their long due and well deserved spa appointments (sofa and carpet dry cleaning, as we would so inanimately term it). Trust me, it’ll ‘add life to’ and ‘add to the life’ of even the seemingly dead 20 year old sofa that you bought at the time of your marriage and your house will brighten up furthermore with the clean, gleaming carpets. Needless to say, it would all look placed right out of the showroom and into your abode!

Professional sofa cleaning

So open that eye for detail and use our services for attending to your furniture and upholstery maintenance needs, so the next time an uninvited guest arrives, you won’t have to fret about dust mirages looming large!



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Have something to add to this list of tips? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

Written by Divya Rathi

Beautiful hygienic home – Maintaining Sofa and Carpets

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