Bed Bugs Prevention Tips For Travellers

We love travelling! We try to squeeze out some time from our busy schedule and plan a holiday with family and friends.

But what we are not aware is that this puts us at risk of bed bugs.

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The two main factors which increases the risk of bed bugs are:

  • Travelling
  • Second Hand Furniture

Hotels and other accommodations play a very significant role in the spread of bed bugs. It is always advisable to check the travel reviews before checking in any hotel as there have been multiple report of bed bugs in hotel beds, drawers and wardrobe.

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Here are few bed bugs prevention tips for travellers which will assure you that bed bugs don’t ruin and destroy your holiday:

Properly check the hotel room and other accommodations for bed bugs. When you check in the hotel room check and inspect the room for bed bugs, if you don’t want some of them back with you when you go back.

Here are some of the ways that will help you to inspect and examine the hotel rooms or other accommodations for bed bugs.

  • Thoroughly check the mattress but don’t forget the bed frames.
  • Inspect the wardrobes and the drawers.
  • Check the cushions and sofas of the hotel room thoroughly.

Use luggage stand with care. It is another spot for bed bugs. Check the stand thoroughly. Bed bugs enter through luggage.

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Things that you should do after you come back from vacation:

  • Properly vacuum your luggage after coming back from holiday.
  • Keep the luggage on the luggage rack rather than keeping it on the bed.
  • Bed bugs can hide amongst the clothes in your luggage. Once you comeback wash your clothing on high temperature. Washing clothes on high temperature will kill bed bugs and it’s eggs as they cannot survive high temperature.

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So if your house is infested with bed bugs and you want to get rid of it then all you need to do is contact pest control professionals.

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Bed Bugs Prevention Tips For Travellers

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