Termite Control Methods That Guarantee Best Results.

4 Most Effective methods to get rid of these silent destroyers permanently.

Termites or white ants as they are generally called, live in colonies and multiply very fast. Termites are normally found in the cemented earth. They mainly dine on wood and other cellulose products. They may cause severe damage and must be treated immediately with best termite control methods.


dry wood termites colonies


Types Of Termites


Termites can be classified into 4 main categories :

  • Subterranean termites
  • Drywood termites
  • Dampwood termites
  • Formoson termites

All these kinds of termites can cause a good amount of damage to your property. A severe termite infestation may render your property as unlivable until expensive repairs are done. Thus availing the best termite control methods becomes mandatory.


Anti Termite Treatment

An active and deep termite infestation, requires help from the best professional termite pest control companies.

However, if you are experiencing a relatively new termite infestation, where you see only minor damage to your belongings you can use ’ spot treatment’. As termite infestation is clearly visible only on a small area, it becomes easy for you to do the termite control treatment. In this treatment, only particular spots that are infested are treated hence the name. As this termite control method is simple you can make use of the do it yourself programs here. You can also follow some simple home remedies for termite control.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from a very old and deep termite infestation, you should take help of well-trained professionals. Experts have the best knowledge of termite control methods and professional anti termite treatment equipment.


Classification Of Termite Control Methods:

Termite control methods can be classified into two broad categories based on the time during which the termite treatment is done.

  1. Pre-Construction anti termite treatment:-This treatment is done before the construction of the property is completed. It is mainly soil treatment done with the help of termiticides mixed in the soil. Soil treatment is mostly used for subterranean termite control methods. It helps to eliminate subterranean termites permanently. In this termite control method, the foundation, piers, chimney bases, pipes and other things in contact with the soil are treated with anti-termite treatment pesticides.
  2. Post Construction Anti- termite treatment:-This kind of anti termite treatment involves termite control methods used to address termite infestation after construction is complete. So if you missed out on taking preventive measures for termites before construction you can use these termite treatment options. This termite control treatment mainly uses the drill, fill and seal method.

The damage caused by termites can affect the beautiful woodwork done in your house. It can also weaken the walls of the house and may cause it to crumble if left unattended, so immediate action must be taken.


You can use many kinds of termite treatment options, to get rid of these tiny creepy pests.


termite control methods



Most Effective Methods Of Termite Control

  1. Termite Control Methods – Liquid termite treatments

In this termite pest control method, different chemicals and termiticides are used. These prevent termites to get into the soil and acquire moisture that they need to survive.

This is the fastest working method of termite control and acts as an invisible barrier for termites.

In this termite control treatment liquid is sprayed in and around the house. Termites trying to approach unknowingly pick up the termiticide and transfer it to their colony.

In this termite treatment method, two kinds of pesticides are used. They are repellent which acts as a barrier for termites to enter further and non- repellent which kills termites permanently.


Commonly used termiticides:- Some commonly used eco-friendly termiticides are bayers premise and termidor. There are other more effective termiticides like chlordane, Aldrin and lindane, but they are not eco-friendly and thus less popular.


Advantages of liquid termite control method:-

  1. They are effective for 5 to 10 years.
  2. Cheap compared to other termite control methods.


Disadvantages of liquid termite control method:-

  1. If the soil is removed the entire region needs to be re-treated. Moreover, the soil should be sandy and devoid of rocks to allow the termiticide to spread evenly without leaving any gaps.
  2. The cost increases depending on the construction type. i.e. whether it is based on direct ground or on a pier.
  3. If a further extension is done in construction blocks, one should ensure treating the extended blocks as well. Missing out on treating the extended portion may expose it to termite infestation.
  4. The termiticide might get washed away if the area has a slope or is inclined.
  5. Many termite entry points are hidden behind  the walls and floor covering
  6. A huge quantity of termiticide is required.
  7. Homeowners may object to the drill, fill, seal method.




  1. Termite control method –  Setting Baits to trap termites:-

In this termite control method baits are set for termites.

The termites are not killed instantly in this case. Rather a slow working termiticide is used, once the presence of termite is detected.

A bait station made of wood is set up in nearby areas of the house. Professionals set it up to check whether termites are present. The professional inspect the bait station every three months. If termites are found to eat the wood, the bait station is treated with a termite bait consisting of special termiticides.

The kind of termiticide used in this case stays on the foraging termite for some time without killing them. Once this termite reaches the colony, there are high chances that the whole colony will get infected. Once infected with the termiticide they may perish eventually.


Where are the bait stations kept?

Bait stations kept under the ground:-  In this method, we wait for the termites to find the bait station and feed on it. It will be a time-consuming process.


Bait stations kept above the ground:- In this method bait stations are kept above the ground in areas where the presence of termites is already detected. As termites are already present, they easily find the bait and this method works a little faster.


Some famous bait systems are Sentricon, Exterra and Firstline.  Spectracide terminate is a bait product used by homeowners.


Advantages of termite control method of Bait System:-

  1. No drilling or any kind of disturbance in the house is done.
  2. The entire area around the house is not treated with chemicals.
  3. Construction flaws don’t act as a barrier.
  4. Easier to install bait stations.


Disadvantages of termite control method of Bait Systems:-

  1. Costs higher
  2. Termites may enter the house without falling for the bait trap






  1. Termite control method-Treating the damaged wood:-

Wood is the main place where termites reside inside a house.

Wood treatment can be done with the help of chemicals or heat treatment.

The commonly used chemicals, in this case, are Borocare and Timbor.


Advantages of wood termite control method:

  1. Once the affected wood is treated termite infestation may get controlled.
  2. Proper chemical usage ensures the beauty of the wood remains intact.


Disadvantages of wood termite control method:-

  1. Drilling may be done to inject the chemical.
  2. Not all wood types can bear the high temperatures of heat treatment.


damp wood termite colonies


  1. Termite control method-Fumigation:

Fumigation is mainly used for drywood termite treatment.

In this case, Fumigant pesticides like methyl bromide or Vikane gas are used to kill drywood termites permanently. The exterminator may also use tear gas to prevent humans from entering the area.

This termite treatment tenting process uses a tent to cover the entire house before the fumigants are spread. To accommodate this tent certain preparations need to be done. Any barrier like fence, antennae etc should be removed before the tent is put.

Before this process starts the entire house should be vacated. Soil should be watered to prevent fumigants from entering it.

Once the fumigation process completes exterminator aerates the premises, leaving no residue of fumigants behind.


Sometimes high temperatures or heat treatment is also used for drywood termite control but it is not preferable.


Advantages of Fumigation Termite Control method:-

  1. Definitely, all drywood termites are killed.
  2. The entire house gets treated in one go.


Disadvantages of Fumigation Termite Control method:

  1. Time-consuming
  2. Lot of pre-preparation is required.
  3. House needs to be vacated.
  4. Fumigants may cause some after effects.
  5. Professional help is a must.


Fumigation tent


The Best Termite Pest Control For You

On a concluding note, I can say, that you need to get rid of termites as quickly as possible to save your assets. Of course, the best termite pest control option would be to avail services of expert professional exterminators. A key point to keep in mind is to check for a safe and eco-friendly Anti termite treatment procedure. This would help you to maintain a healthy balance.

You can choose any of the above termite control methods based on the level of infestation and area of infestation.

Do let me know if any other termite control methods other than those mentioned above, has helped you to get rid of this damage causing pests.


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Termite Control Methods That Guarantee Best Results.

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