12 Important Birthday Party Planning Tips | Guide To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party

Throw A Bash To Be Remembered With These Birthday Party Planning Tips!


birthday party planning

Let’s start with a simple question: Who doesn’t like parties? Obviously each and everyone have their own idea of celebrating a birthday party but in general it is liked by everyone, especially kids.


Even a simple birthday party requires planning. But the most important thing is how you should start?


Keep a Budget in Mind

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Before you start planning birthday party decide how much you want to spend. This will help you to decide the number of guests you want, themes, location, birthday invites, food and drinks, party favors, entertainment and other factors.


But if you are on a tight budget then first decide what are the items you need the most.


You don’t have to spend a huge amount to have a successful party.


Pick a Theme


Now a days most parents feel comfortable starting with a theme which makes it easier for them to organize birthday invitation, decorations, birthday games, birthday entertainment activities and food. Keep in mind what your kids like and then plan a theme according.


Themes do not have to be complex. If you have a younger child then pick a simple birthday party theme. For example if you choose pink theme then you can make everything pink.


If your child is old enough then discuss with him or her what kind of party or theme they want. It can be a minion theme, princess theme, barbie theme, Lego theme, Dinosaur theme, Jungle Theme Party, Mickey mouse theme, or a Pirate theme.


It is always easier to pick a theme around movie character or a cartoon character that your kid likes. A great theme will make your birthday party stand out.


Before selecting a theme, ask these questions:


  • What kind of sports my kid play?
  • Who is my kid’s favorite cartoon character?
  • Which is my kid’s favorite movie?
  • Does my kid like any particular superhero?
  • What is my kid’s favorite amimal?
Answering these will help you to come up with several desirable and potential themes. View more birthday party theme ideas.


Draft Your Guest List

Birthday party guest list image source:tes.com


Next start preparing the guest list. Make a list of whom you want to invite for the party. Whether you are inviting each and every kid or just a few friends. Make sure to check if the guests are available on that particular date.


Your child won’t be happy if his or her best friend won’t be available. Also how many kids you want to invite for the birthday party. But if your child is over 3 to 4 years he or she should be consulted.


Birthday Invitation

birthday invitation card image source:Isura Ink


Birthday invitation cards sets the tone of the party. You can make a creative invitation card according to the theme. It can be handmade or you can get help from the professional as well.


Be sure that your birthday invitation address the following important points:


  • Birthday kid’s name
  • R.S.V.P. information
  • Date of the party
  • Your phone number
  • Party Location
  • Pick up and drop timing
  • Include any special or important details whether parents are also invited to stay with the kids or not, if there is any special dress or costume or if you are planning any specific entertainment activity.
You will get lot of wonderful theme based birthday invitation ideas on Pinterest.


Birthday invitation should be sent atleast 2-3 weeks before the party.


Remember to go over the guest list atleast one week before and send reminder to those who haven’t replied. These days parents are busy and it becomes difficult to keep track of schedule- we frequently need reminders!


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Decide The Venue

birthday party planning- party venue Image source:HOMEMADE PARTIES

Next comes the venue. Decide whether the party will be at home or away from home. If you are planning a small party then your home may be a perfect option but if you think that your home is not suitable for your kid’s birthday then you can plan it in a restaurant or in any banquet hall.


Planning birthday party away from home not only makes it easier for you (which means less cleaning) but also work for children who is over 5-6 years old as they get excited with unfamiliar ambiance.



angry bird decoration image source:pinterest

Decoration can make or break the party. Once you have decided a theme then use your creativity to create a perfect decoration. Vibrant decor is a key element to a stand out birthday party and for this there is no need to go for fancy decor, use little imagination or creativity to set the scene. You can even hire a professional if you want. Get more birthday decoration ideas.


Games and Entertainment

bouncy castle image source:Ellie Kelly


Entertaining the guests is very important otherwise the kids will get bored. Depending on the age group plan some energetic and calmer activities for the kids. You can involve the kids in some kind of interesting crafts as well.


Meet the entertainer if you are planning to keep any entertaining activities. No doubt magician and a puppeteers are a big hit but there are lots of other options as well. Such as :


  • Balloon Artist: Which is simply an art of transforming balloons into different shapes like an animal, flower, trees or any other shape as you like.
  • Caricature Artist: Caricature artist provides you with many options when it comes to caricature art. Such as- Black and White Caricature, Live caricature on paper, Live Digital Caricature, Colored Caricature and many more.
  • DJ: They will keep the dance floor packed.
  • Pottery Artist: Pottery artist will provide lots of pottery painting ideas to try with the kids.
  • Face Painting: You can entertain the kids most popular face painting designs such as-animal face paint, fairy face painting, puppy face painting, flower face painting, pirate face painting, sparkle rainbow face paint design and many more.
Arrange for some light games keeping in mind the age group of the kids such as pin the tail on the donkey, four corners, musical chair and many more.


Plan plenty of short games to keep the kids engaged. You can even hire birthday game coordinator for hassle free birthday party games.


Get Help

Don’t do everything on your own. Organizing birthday party will be much easier if you have help. Get help from your relative, spouse or friends. Or you can get help from professional birthday party planner as well.


Cake & Ice-Cream

birthday party cake image source:ar.pinterest.com


Decide whether you want to bake it or get it from the bakery. If you are planning to buy it then confirm the order with the bakery atleast one day before the party.



image source:Roti n Rice

While planning a birthday party it is very necessary to think what kind of food you will serve to the kids.


Keep the menu simple and keep those food stuffs that children are fond of. Always go for those food stuffs that are easy to serve, eat and which creates less mess.


Even a simple food can be made special and creative. You can plan food according to the birthday party theme. For example if you are planning a dinosaurs theme then you can turn chicken wings into a dinosaurs wings or if you are planning a mermaid theme party then you can turn wafers into an oyster shaped wafers or you can cut sandwich into different shapes.


You can label the food item according to the party theme. Give interesting and innovative names to the food items.


Choosing Party Favors

party favors image source:Pinterest


Party favors are a big part of any child’s birthday celebration. Choose goodies and party favors according to the theme. If you are organizing superhero theme party then you can give an action figure.


You can even let the kid create their own party favors- such as hand printing on a T-shirt or a potato printing. Try to keep the party favors same for all the kids.


Thank You Notes

birthday thank you note

After the birthday party with the help of your kid send thank you notes to all the guests. This sweet gesture will be appreciated by all.


This will help you teach your kids gratitude, manner and respect. You can coordinate thank you notes with the party theme.


Few Important Tips To Keep The Chaos At Bay:

  • Always keep ice, tissue and band-aid handy.
  • Make sure to find out if kids are allergic to any food.
  • If you have any pets then keep it away from the guests.
  • If you are planning to book a venue for birthday party then it is advisable to book atleast one month before.
  • Birthday invitation should be sent atleast a 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • When hiring an entertainer or booking a party venue it is important to go over all the details.
  • Make sure you have enough food. Running out is not a good option.

Last Minute Preparation Tips:

  • Just a day before the birthday party get a cardboard or a wooden box and keep all the important items there. Such as camera, marker, pen. pencil, cake knife, batteries etc.
  • Have a list of all the guests.

    Celebrating birthday party is just one of the way to show that how special you are. With just little organisation you can plan a wonderful birthday party.


    For each and every kid birthday party is the most exciting and overwhelming day of their life. It is not only self esteem booster but also create wonderful memories.


    Whether you are planning to organize and celebrate your kid’s birthday party indoor or outdoor, it is very important to plan it effectively.


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    12 Important Birthday Party Planning Tips | Guide To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party