Common Problems With Geyser

Common Problems With Geyser!

common problems with geyser
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    Geyser is one of the most common appliance which is used in our homes. It is used for various purpose right from cooking to bathing.

    Like any other appliance or device water heater (Geyser) can cause various problems. Such as no hot water, low hot water pressure, water dripping from geyser and geyser making noise.

    Here are some common problems with geyser that you should know:

    1. No Hot Water
    2. No hot water is one of the most common geyser problem. If the electrical supply in your house is perfectly fine but still if there is no hot water from the geyser, it gives you a signal that the heating components have failed.

      Another reason for no hot water in the geyser is faulty electric thermostat. Thermostat is responsible for keeping the temperature of water inside the geyser at a proper level and it disconnects the power supply once the optimum temperature is achieved.

      If you come across any problem like this then it is always advisable to call the professionals.

    3. Geyser Making Noise
    4. If you continuously hear low rumbling, hissing or cracking sound when geyser is working then it might be due to salt and mineral deposit that has been formed at the bottom of the water heater. This issue can be resolved by cleaning the water tank of geyser.

    5. Water Not Getting Hot Enough In The Geyser
    6. Thermostat is responsible for maintaining temperature of water inside the geyser. All geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 Degree Celsius. But if the thermostat is set at a low temperature then power supply gets cut off and due to this water does not heat up and remains cold.

      So if the water inside the geyser is cool and not hot enough then check the thermostat settings.

    7. Low Or Poor Hot Water Pressure
    8. Low hot water pressure could be due to sediments that gets build up in the water pipes and due to rust, corrosion in the outlet valve. Gradually with time salt and minerals gets deposited in the water pipes which prevents the flow of water through it. Rust and corrosion blocks the pipe.

    9. Water Dripping From Geyser
    10. The most common problem for water leakage is bad plumbing connection, corroded water tank, overheating, leaking valves and because of high pressure which gets build up in the geyser.

      Geyser often drips through the pressure control valve overflow pipe and this is quite normal as the water in the geyser heats and cools. But if you see that the water is dripping continuously then call the technicians to fix it.

      So if you come across any of these problems then it is always recommended to call the professionals.

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      Common Problems With Geyser

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