Hill stations near Delhi to beat the summer heat!

It is summer once more and out comes our sun-glasses and cotton dresses. Our AC’s and coolers are not enough to keep us cool and springy. After day on day, week on week, when the sun shines brightly down, we all look for a respite. What better than to take a short break to the nearby hill stations and cool down?


Hill stations near Delhi to beat the summer heat!

We list for you below some of the hill stations nearby Delhi:

  1. Kangojodi

    Located in the Sirmour district is a pine forest stretching 7 kms. It is the the best place ever as it is totally unpolluted and the infinite greenery brings peace to your mind.

  2. Lansdowne

    It is at a distance of about 270 kms from the national capital. It is in Uttrakhand and the ideal destination for adrenaline seeking tourists. There are also thick forests and lanes which tempts you to take long walks and enjoy the weather before you need to face the sweltering heat of Delhi! Visit to tiger fall and Bhullar Tal lake is a must!

  3. Tirthan Valley

    It is a place which has stayed away from commercialization and that can give you a hint of the undiluted beauty and greenery of this hill station. It is located in Kullu in the Himachal Pradesh.

  4. Nainital

    Though it is a common and popular destination, no list is ever complete without listing this pristine place. You can never find the temperature exceeding 25 degrees, so this makes it a perfect weekend getaway for all the Delhites!

  5. Mandi

    Also known as Parshar Lake is located in the Mandi district. The trek from Mandi to Parshar Lake is something that you might never forget. The cool wind, the exhilarating views of the valleys and the occasional brooks along with birds chirping! Vacation mode on!

  6. Kasauli

    It has become popular in the recent times due to the weather and easily accessible routes from the main cities such as Delhi and Chandigarh. It has been untouched by man so you can still lose yourself in the serene and calming atmosphere this place offers.

  7. Dehradun

    It is a popular retreat for people who want to enjoy an adventurous vacation. It is located in Uttrakhand and acts as the bridge between various other hill stations as well. Paragliding, biking and long cycling tours are some of the options that you can give a try.

  8. Ranikhet

    It is located in Almora district of Uttrakhand. It has spectacular views of the Himalayas and abundance of wildlife. You can take long walks here, enjoy the nature and soak up the chilly atmosphere! Trekking and fishing are popular activities here.

Check out these awesome hill stations too:


A few tips to people out there planning to rush away from the city heat! It is not always about the top 10 places to visit or the famous landmarks in the destinations that you go to! Take a trip to the nearby villages, talk to the locals, explore their daily life. You will enjoy a lot more and definitely be more enlightened.

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So, I have packed my bags! Where are you guys heading off to? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy vacations, everyone! Have a cool summer!

Hill stations near Delhi to beat the summer heat!

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