20+ Balloon Decoration Ideas to Rock Your Party!

If You Are Looking For Some Awesome Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Next Party Then Check Out These!

balloon decoration ideas

Here we have rounded up 11+ fun and quirky balloon decoration ideas that you can try yourself without breaking your bank!


  1. Hula Hoop Balloon Wreath
  2. This hula hoop balloon wreath is not only a great decor idea for birthday parties but also makes a perfect dessert table backdrop. Learn to make DIY Boho hula hoop balloon wreath in minutes!


    balloon wreath decoration ideas Image source:Good Cents – Arty Party

    balloon wreath decoration ideas Image source:diystyle.com.au

  3. Unicorn Balloon Decoration Ideas
  4. How amazing this unicorn looks! This will definitely be one of your favorite balloon decoration ideas.


    unicorn balloon decoration ideas image source:mujeraldia.com

  5. Champagne Bubble Balloon
  6. This champagne bubble balloon makes a fantastic entrance.


    champagne bubble bottle balloon decoration ideas image source:Pretty My Party

  7. I bet you haven’t seen something like this.


    jumbo ceiling balloon decoration ideas image source:Pinterest

  8. Rainbow Balloon Table Runner
  9. This rainbow balloon table runner will take your party to the next level.


    rainbow balloon table runner decoration ideas image source:Pinterest

  10. Tutti Frooti Balloon Decoration Ideas
  11. Are you planning a tutti frooti party? This balloon decoration idea is a perfect summer party theme.


    tutti frooti balloon decoration ideas image source:Martha Stewart

  12. Foam Balloon Entrance
  13. Get ready for this fabulous bubbly balloon entrance.


    bubble balloon entrance decoration ideas Image source:TRU-B-LOONS

  14. This Bumble bee balloons will brighten up your day!


    bumblee bee balloon decoration ideas image source:handfie.com

  15. Crescent Balloon Backdrop
  16. Want something magical? This rainbow balloon backdrop is so much fun.


    rainbow balloon decoration ideas image source:Pinterest

  17. Splatter some paints and decorate balloons with confetti and gold foil.


    Gold spatter balloon decoration ideas image source:Pinterest

  18. Two-Toned Balloon Decoration
  19. Create a two toned balloon decoration and give your party a cheerful look.


    two toned balloon decoration ideas image source:pinterest

  20. Fabric Balloon Decoration Ideas
  21. Fabric balloons will make a dainty addition to your party.


    fabric balloon decoration ideas images source:WedMeGood

  22. Floral Balloon Decoration Ideas
  23. Give balloons a pretty look with these beautiful decorative flowers. These garlands in peach, pink and white will give you a tropical feel.


    floral balloon decoration ideas Image source:www.pinterest.com.au

  24. Wispy Balloon Sculpture
  25. This floaty or wispy balloon sculpture will surely impress everyone.


    floaty balloon sculpture image Image source:Balloon Time

  26. Popsicle Balloon Decoration Ideas
  27. Get ready for this yummilicious dreamsicle Popsicle balloons.


    popsicle balloon decoration ideas image source:Pinterest

  28. Emojis Balloon Decoration Ideas
  29. Who doesn’t love emojis balloons? With the popularity of social media emojis have become a latest trend.


    emojis balloon decoration ideas Image source:Banggood

  30. Balloon Photo Backdrop
  31. Bright colors, Lively people and a camera are all you need for this super fun backdrop.


    balloon photo backdrop Image source:Lovely Indeed

  32. Glitter Balloon Bottle
  33. Wouldn’t this glitter balloon bottle make a wonderful centerpiece?


    glitter balloon decoration ideas

  34. Ice-Cream Cone Balloons
  35. This easy to make ice-cream cone balloons is perfect for ice-cream themed birthday party.


    ice cream cone balloon decoration ideas Image source:Pretty Mayhem

  36. Strawberry Balloon Decoration Ideas
  37. This strawberry balloons also make a perfect table centerpiece.


    strawberry balloon centerpiece Image source:pinterest

  38. Monster Balloons
  39. Want to have a monster themed birthday party? This monster balloons will be just perfect.


    monster balloon decoration ideas Image source:Pinterest

  40. Farm Animal Balloons
  41. Have fun-filled birthday party with farm animal themed balloons.


    farm theme balloon decoration ideas Image source:Pinterest

Don’t you think these balloon decoration ideas are spectacular and fabulous? So what are you waiting for just grab these balloon decoration ideas and rock your party.


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20+ Balloon Decoration Ideas to Rock Your Party!

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