25 Creative DIY Birthday Party Decor Ideas!

Give Your Party A Creative And One-Of-A-Kind Touch With These Easy And Pretty Birthday Party Decor Ideas!


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When it comes to birthday parties we sometimes don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on decorations.


So here we have got easy 25 DIY birthday party decor ideas that you can pull off easily.


  1. Tassel Garland
  2. Now a days tassel garland is a huge party trend. This DIY tassle garland not only looks beautiful in front of buffet table but is also very cost-effective. Get the tutorial here.


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    diy tassle garland birthday party decor ideas image source:DHgate.com

  3. Paper Pinwheel Decoration
  4. All you need to do is get some colorful scrapbook paper and create this super easy and beautiful pinwheels. Use it either to decorate the cake table or the gift area.


    paper pinwheel birthday party decor ideas Image source:Wedding Favors Singapore

  5. Go Festive With Colorful Backdrop
  6. With just few tissue paper confetti you can create this exciting, lovely and super easy backdrop. You can choose the message you want for the backdrop.


    paper confetti birthday party decor ideas image source:pinterest

  7. Cupcake Liner Garland
  8. Who knew that cupcake liner could be used as a decoration? Just string cupcake paper together and create this charming and attractive garland.


    cupcake liner birthday party decor ideas image source:beautyandbedlam.com

  9. Tissue Paper Flower Decoration
  10. If you are looking for budget friendly birthday party decor idea then go for tissue paper flower decoration. Real flowers are bit expensive so this could be a great alternative. Get tutorial here.


    tissue paper flower birthday party decor ideas image source:pinterest

  11. Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party Decor
  12. This birthday party decor idea will definitely add charm and glamour to the event. Click here to get step by step tutorial.


    hot air balloon birthday party decor idea image source:it.aliexpress.com

  13. Ice Cream Garland
  14. This decor is perfect for your next ice-cream or candyland theme party.


    ice cream garland birthday party decor ideas image source:danburryhardware

  15. Balloon Blast
  16. This is yet another easy DIY birthday party decor idea. Just blow the balloons and tape it on the wall with double sided tape.


    balloon blast birthday party decor idea image source:dicoro.com

  17. Glimmering Streamers
  18. Use leftover glitter paper to create this wonderful decoration.


    glittery streamers birthday party decor ideas image source:aliexpress.com

  19. Ribbon Lamp
  20. This party decor idea will brighten up your party. Get to know how to do it.


    ribbon lamp birthday party decor ideas image source:Martha Stewart

  21. Tissue Paper Number Sign Decoration
  22. Again here also use leftover tissue papers and create adorable sign and place it on the table.


    tissue paper number sign birthday decor ideas Image source:Pinterest

  23. Mini Ice-Cream Cones
  24. Don’t you think this mini ice cream cone looks great as a centerpiece. Turn balloon into a mini ice cream cone for your next birthday.


    diy mini ice cream birthday party decor image source:guiamaschicos.blogspot.com

  25. DIY Paper Rosettes Decoration
  26. Paper rosettes are stunning decor for any party. Learn how to make it.


    paper rosette birthday decoration ideas image source:Elegant home decor inspiration and interior design ideas

  27. Stripped Backdrop
  28. Create a stripped backdrop with the help of colorful streamers and tape it to your wall.


    stripped backdrop birthday party decor ideas  image source:blog.chickablog.com

  29. Colorful Honeycombs Balls
  30. Add creativity to the party decor with this beautiful decoration idea. Get the tutorial here.


    honeycomb birthday party decor ideas image source:pinterest

  31. Cotton Candy Balloons
  32. Who knew that yummy cotton candy can be turned into balloons.


    cotton candy birthday party decor ideas

  33. Tissue Paper Pom Pom
  34. With this beautiful hanging tissue paper pom pom your birthday party decor will surely be a big hit. Learn how to make it.


    tissue paper pom pom birthday party decor idea image source:AliExpress.com

  35. Ribbon Luster
  36. This is another great idea for the birthday party. Add ribbons in various colors and get this gorgeous decor.


    ribbon chandelier birthday party decor image source:pinterest

  37. Balloon Donut
  38. How adorable and delicious this treat looks!


    balloon donuts birthday party decor idea image source:brit.co

  39. Animal garland
  40. This cute idea is perfect for your kid’s next safari world theme party or dinosaur theme party.


    animal garland birthday party decor idea image source:Pinterest

  41. Tumbling Confetti
  42. Just decorate the wall with wrapping paper of your choice and add tons of colorful and shiny confetti.


    confetti birthday party decor idea image source:DIY Network

  43. Glitter Bottle Balloon Centerpiece Decoration
  44. This makes a marvelous centerpiece for almost any party.


    balloon bottle centerpiece birthday decor ideas image source:pinterest.com

  45. DIY Balloon Fringe Decoration
  46. Not only they look great near the cake table but also make a great photo booth decor.


    balloon fringe birthday party decor ideas image source:Pinterest

  47. Birthday Party Wreath
  48. Make this beautiful and astonishing wreath for your next birthday.


    birthday party decor ideas with wreath image source:Pinterest

  49. Illuminating Paper Cups Light Decor
  50. This not only looks appealing but is extremely cost effective. Learn how to make it for your next birthday party.


    paper cup light birthday party decor ideas image source:YouTube


At times we look for rare and unique decoration ideas for our near and dear ones. But whatever the case may be these creative DIY birthday party decor ideas will surely add a personalized touch to the party.


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25 Creative DIY Birthday Party Decor Ideas!

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