Deciding the menu – Catering to the delicacies

We all love parties, and one reason for the same is food and again we all love food, variety, number of dishes, styles they are served in, accompaniments with main course, drinks, sweet dishes, etc. When, it’s so important, why not make it worth gaining the attention.

North India ka zaayka

In northern India, unless people get something made of flour and served with veggie, they do not consider the food complete. So, the first item that goes to the list is bread (be it chapatti, garlic naan, pratha, etc.), served with vegetables made of paneer(cottage cheese), mix vegetable(usually without curry), chhole(grams- black or white), rice, flavored raita(curd with flavors or slices cut of pineapple, mix veg., or boondi) and a two more or less dishes can work. Well, the charm of the north Indian food is not just the dishes on the list, but the style used to serve. What you can do is have a dhaba(roadside food joints) sort of setup, with charpoy set around. Home-made butter can add to the deliciousness of the food. Let’s not limit the northern Indian food to just Punjab and Haryana.
Amongst, non veg, obviously butter chicken tops. Usually had by many. Another dish that can be served on the platter is fish. However, no hard and fast rules for that.

Rajasthan has its own flavors. A fully fledged thali (platter)would be well appreciated. Choorma-bati(the famous food of Rajasthan), Curry(made of curd and gram flour), beans, gatte ki sabzi, lahsoon ki chatni(garlic paste), millet bread and pyaaj kachori. These dishes can add a difference to the menu.

South Indian platter

Well, South Indian food is really common these days. It includes idli, dosa, sambahr, vada, uttapam, coconut chutney, biryani etc. But the USB of the food would be the way it is served. What about, using banana leaves as plates. To add to the style, why not have a little section where you can have chowkis(wooden table with a low height).

Chinese box

Noodles, Manchurian, soups(after all there are diet conscious guests as well), Chinese fried rice, dim sums, can be wondering at parties. It is not every hosts keep it in his/her list. Serving soups in shot glasses can be fun.

Chat Corner

This is everybody’s favourite. Golgappe, tikki, bhalle papdi, pav bhaji, raj kachori, can be served as snacks for people coming. From kids to oldies, everyone would love these stalls. You need to see that your servers are hygiene conscious, using gloves while preparing and serving these dishes. In fact, all the dishes. Hygiene can never be compromised for.

Sweet dishes

From Gulab Jamun to jalebi to gajar ka halwa to rabri, all can be amazing. Again, the style to the food can be the serving spoons and bowls. Also, mixing gulab jamun or jalebi with ice cream can be a good option.


Why have just mocktails and cold drinks. That kulladh waali chai and doodh can add magic. Coffee should not be missed, as many people prefer having it after dinner. Go for attractive glasses and mugs.

Other food stuff at the parties

What about having paan (beetle leaves), hajmola and other such digestive candies, jaggery, fruit salad, tamarind, ice creams, having a chocolate fountain can be worth, sweet corn, cotton candy, saunf(fennel seeds) in different colors and flavors can be good option.
You can have a theme for the same and chose one of the above or a mixture of all the dishes above. Adding to the delicacies!



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Deciding the menu – Catering to the delicacies

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