Colors For Home Painting And Their Meaning Behind It

Want To Choose The Right Colors For Your Home?

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Choosing right colors of the rooms in your house forms the most important part as it directly reflects your personality. It greatly influences our mood and our thoughts.

It is very important to choose the right color very carefully as it affects your lives in many ways.
It is advisable not to go with trends as it keep coming and going, but you should choose colors that emulate your personality and desire because at the end of the day it is you who will be living in that house.

Color has the power to change the size and furnishing of your room. But it is only possible if you choose the right paint color.

Each and every color has a psychological value attached to it. Certain color has the power to influence our emotions as well. Some colors can create peace and harmony whereas some can even create negative effect.

Light colors gives you more airy feel and even make the room look larger and brighter. On the other hand, dark colors gives you a warm feeling and even gives larger room a cozy appearance.

Now, let us learn about different room colors and their impact or significance

  • RED:The Colour Of Excitement
  • If you want to increase your room’s energy level then try red. Red creates a level of excitement in your room. If you want to encourage or arouse conversation then try using red paint in dining room or on the walls of your living room but try to avoid too much of red as it can cause tension and aggression.

    It can be used in kitchen, dining room and living room as well. Go for earthy red in your bedroom.


    red wall paint for dining room
    Image source-Pinterest

    Red colour wall paint for living room

  • YELLOW: The Colour Of Joy And Happiness
  • Yellow is known for apprehending joy and covey happiness as well. It works best in kitchen, dining room and in bathroom. It creates an inspirational and energizing feeling in the room.

    Try not to use it as the main color scheme as yellow interior are known to increase people’s temper. It tends to create dissatisfaction and anger as well.


    yellow paint colour ideas for living room
    Image Source-Winda 7 Furniture

    yellow paint colour idea for kitchen

  • BLUE: The Colour Of Relaxation
  • Blue color has a great significance on your health. It lowers down your blood pressure. Blue gives warm and relaxed feeling. This color is most suited for bathrooms and bedrooms. Go for warmer blues in your kitchen and living room it stimulates relaxation.

    Softer shades of blue as the main color of the room give an appeasing effect. This will wake you up feeling happy. Dark blue should be avoided as it induces feeling of sadness.


    Warm blue paint colour ideas for living room

    blue colour paint ideas for living room

  • GREEN: The Colour Of Peacefulness
  • Green is the most calm and quite color for the eye. It can be used in almost any room of your house but it is best suited for bedrooms. It creates balancing, calming and peacefulness. It helps the people to relax and boosts comfort, affection and closeness.

    It is an excellent and exceptional color which will help you to enhance spiritual growth. It even brings exuberance and freshness. Avoid olive tones as it can be very depressing.


    green colour paint ideas for bedroom
    Image Source-Homedit

  • PURPLE: The Colour Of Richness
  • Purple is a colour with is connected with richness and artistry. It is recommended for bedrooms.Lilac and lavender brings a relaxing feel. Dark colors work best for home office and you can go for light purple in your child’s room.

    purple paint colour ideas for bedroom
    Image Source-pinterest

  • ORANGE: The Colour Of Devotion
  • Orange promotes excitement, eagerness and devotion. It adds warmth and creates a calming atmosphere. It helps your body and muscles to relax as well. It brings warming and uplifting effect. It is the most preferred colour for interior spaces. It is advisable to go for glimmer of orange in your dining room and kitchen but try not to use too much of it.


    orange paint colour ideas for living room

  • BLACK:The Colour Of Depth
  • Black is known for adding depth to your room. Give a touch of black in your room to add depth.

So, now we all know that how different colours affect our lives. It is recommended that you choose accordingly.

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Colors For Home Painting And Their Meaning Behind It

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