Diwali Cleaning Tips

Festival Of Lights Is Almost Here! And Its Time For Some Cleaning

Diwali is the time when you love to party, meet friends and have loads of fun. But before you can delve into this fun zone of Diwali celebration ideas you have to prepare yourself for Diwali. By preparation I mean not only buying new clothes, making delicious delicacies or decorating your premises. But the first or most important Diwali preparation is cleaning your premises and making it spick and span to welcome the Goddess of Wealth. So What do you need to do?

First and foremost make a list of things needed for cleaning.

List Of Item needed for Diwali Safai

• broomstick for both floor and ceiling cleaning

• Lots of rough cloth

• cleansers for floor and ceiling

• Ladders to reach the ceiling and fans

• Special liquid for cleaning glass and other delicate stuff.

• Tamarind for brass artefacts.

• Vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning

• Naphthalene balls to keep in cupboards and other storing areas.

• Cleansers to remove tough stains

• Packets, covers and other accessories to arrange the cupboards well.

• Best phenyl for floor cleaning.

• Cleansers for cleaning diyas and candle holders.

• Cleansers to remove the sticky grime in the kitchen


The above list is some basic things, you may need other things dependant on your specific home decor. Not everyone is happy and excited to go through this ordeal of Diwali cleaning.  If you don’t want to go through this stressful job you can always hire professional home cleaners, for making your house sparkling clean during Diwali. If you want to take this challenge of cleaning, let me guide you with some easy Diwali cleaning tips.

diwali cleaning tips

Follow The Diwali tradition Of Home cleaning with these easy Diwali Cleaning Tips

    • De-Clutter Your House

de-clutter your house for diwali safai

Wondering how to make Diwali house? Where to start Diwali house cleaning? Before you jump into any kind of deep cleaning, the first and most important thing to be done is to get rid of unwanted items. Once you dispose of stuff that you have not used for the past year and most likely you won’t use ever, half your battle is won. You can dispose of items which you don’t need like outgrown attires, appliances which don’t work and other non-essential items in your home.
You can even spread a festive smile by donating some items to the people who cannot afford them.

    • Divide And Clean

diwali cleaning tips

This is the best approach for Diwali house cleaning. As you have to clean everything from bathroom to kitchen to doors and windows, it is a wise decision to divide and plan your work. This will help you to address all areas of your house and not get too stressed in one go. Take one room at one time and clean up the dirt and grime. For more efficient and organised cleaning, clean area by area. This way you won’t miss out a single corner of your house. Seeing one area clean, will give you a boost to sparkle up your entire premises. You can club easy to clean areas with tough jobs and plan a weeks schedule of cleaning.

    • Make The Floor Shine

floor cleaning for diwali safai

Cleaning the floors is an equally important task. Just prepare a mixture of water and vinegar and make your floor shine. Now you can make your Diwali rangolis and decorate with diyas on a sparkling clean floor.

    • Sparkle Your Brass Artifacts

diwali cleaning tips with tamarind

Get the golden tint back with tamarind paste. Just scrub tamarind paste on the brass ornaments and then wash it after few minutes. Your Shining brass articles are ready for decoration and show off to your Diwali guests.

    • Make Your Bathroom Tiles Shine

diwali cleaning tips with baking soda

Use baking soda to get rid of stubborn and tough stains from your bathroom tiles. Make a solution of baking soda and water and make your bathroom tiles shine. Throw away used bottles, brushes and other stuff. Clean the Toilet with a good toilet cleaner. The best and easiest option would be to hire professional bathroom cleaners.

    • Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen deep cleaning
image source: Cleanipedia

The kitchen is the place where you prepare all the yummy dishes for Diwali so it has to go through thorough cleaning. You can start by discarding the items that you don’t need anymore. Make a mixture of white vinegar and some water and wipe the surface thoroughly. This will clean all the stains and make your kitchen sparkling clean.

    • Cleaning the Diyas and Candle Holders


Dust the clay diyas and reuse them. You can also wash the candle holders well with soap and use them for different decorative candles.  Vacuum clean your paper lanterns and reuse them for a stylish look. Reusing old diyas and lanterns is cost saving and also gives a heritage look.

    • Essential Details

An essential part of Diwali cleaning is cleaning all wardrobes and cupboards. The storage areas where you have kept all unwanted stuff or less used stuff, the cupboards which with regular use gets clumsy, the storage beds and many such small areas which don’t get attention throughout the year are cleaned during Diwali cleaning. You can also get your mattress deep cleaned by professionals. Wash all the curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers etc which gets exposed to dust regularly.

Clean all your money bags to welcome more prosperity.

You should clean your home appliances thoroughly during Diwali cleaning. Use the cleaning spray available in the market for cleaning or use baking soda to clean fridge, microwave etc.

Clean all fans and ceiling properly.

You Should clean all your jewellery during the Diwali Pujan to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

    • Deck It Up

diwali decoration ideas for office

You have successfully cleaned the entire premise and made it sparkling clean. Now with a decorative touch, you can get into a festive mood. There are so many different kinds of lights available for decorations. You can make rangolis, place diyas in the house and many other decorative options are there.

With these Diwali cleaning tips, you can make your house germ and dirt free and organised. But you can always contact professionals for a thorough and deep cleaning process.
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We aim to keep your home healthy and deep clean your house with an Eco-friendly cleaning agent and remove dirt, grime and moisture that gets gathered.

If you have any suggestion or queries please let us know in the comment section below. Happy Diwali Cleaning!
Diwali Cleaning Tips

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