My Grandmother was in Tears of Joy as she had her First Birthday Party Ever!

Yes, you read it right! My grandmother’s first birthday party. My granny never had a birthday party so on her 80th birthday we all decided to fix it by throwing a surprise birthday party at home for her.

We always dream of having a phenomenal birthday party every year and if someone forgets our birthday or wishes late we feel disheartened. But we humans tend to forget the most important person in our lives with whom we share all our secrets, who secretly gives us money to buy candies, who tells us story every night before sleeping and with whom we play a lot. It’s our grandparents.

They feel the need of physical, emotional, financial and moral support from their children but we are so involved in the quest of our own career problems, love affairs and family lives that we tend to neglect their needs.

Back in September my grandmother turned 80 and I decided to surprise her by celebrating her 80th birthday with all the family members. As usual she wasn’t expecting us to do anything for her as she knew all would be busy with their respective work. But instead we decided to throw her a surprise party.

Grandmother has been a pillar of strength to the whole family. Despite some very hard times she managed to hold herself high.

My grandmother lived alone with a caretaker. I contacted all my relatives and shared my plans with them and shared birthday ideas with them. They all were very delighted to hear.

Like every year we all visited her. It was a normal day until mid-night. As soon as the clock struck 12 we all assembled in a room which we had already got decorated with flowers, balloons. We got everything from party poppers to party hats, granny’s favourite butterscotch cake and candies; we wanted to make sure that she has the best surprise birthday party ever.

As she eneterd the room, we all shouted happy birthday and she was totally amazed to see this. She never expected us to do something like this for her. She had tears in her eyes. Each and every moment was so precious.

We arranged an elegant vintage rose theme for the party as she loved roses. I wanted something special besides the picture and table decorations for her to remember it. So I got a tablecloth and hung it on a wall and had everyone sign the tablecloth along with the message. It’s been more than six months now, and my grandmother still pulls the tablecloth out and reads each and every message.

We even tied her and grandfather’s best photos to the colorful balloons to create a balloon chandelier over a table. It made her recollect all the sweet memories of her golden days.

She was very happy to see her long lost friend in the party. One of the most important things that we gave her was the appreciation for the memories.

Shared photos from family members were collected to create a slideshow which was paired with a beautiful song. All the memories flashed back.

It’s been five years since grandpa passed away and she still remembers a funny little tale which he used to narrate it to her on her every birthday. All this was enough to get grandmother crying but things got even more emotional when she heard Grandpa’s recording. She was stunned to hear it. Grandmother had to get tissue out of her purse to cover her eyes to cry some more happy tears. It even made us realize that how we sometimes neglect the most important person in the family.

My grandmother had a great sense of humor. We invited a magician for entertainment. I never saw her laughing and enjoying like a kid ever in my life before. With kids she became one.

We played lots of lovely games and grandmother enjoyed each and every moment of it. We ended up with delicious food and drinks. I still remember the excitement on her face.

All these little things make a big difference in our loved one’s life and we all want to look back on it someday. They don’t expect much from us apart from little time but we get so busy and end up ignoring them. She thanked me and I said “I dint wanted to upset you, we just wanted to show how much you mean to us”. She couldn’t help crying.

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My Grandmother was in Tears of Joy as she had her First Birthday Party Ever!

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