How is holi celebrated, Safety and Precautions, Catering holi Lunch?

How is holi celebrated,safety & precautions and Catering options in Delhi NCR

Holi is a festival celebrated in the northern part of India in the month of March; 3 days around the full moon. This time Holi in 2016 falls on March 24. This article is on how is holi celebrated in India, safety and precautions in holi and catering options for holi.

When is Holi 2016

It is a boisterous festival played with water and colors. The whole nation is frenzied with excitement. People greet each other by applying gulal or colored powder on their cheeks and forehead.


Special sweets and food is prepared for the guests, relatives and the household. Some of the famous traditional Holi food and recipes are gujiyas, papri and mathris.

Holi is celebrated in a different manner in different regions. For example, Vrindavan Holi would vary from the one celebrated in Mathura. Child and adults alike enjoy the splashing of water, applying the gulal on each other and dancing to the special Holi songs. Water balloons are thrown on unsuspecting people and kids play around with water guns.

Holi is widely associated with Bhang. Bhang is an intoxicating drink which is synonymous with Holi. People consume this and enjoy the spirit of Holi more. Some of the Holi parties are catered by event planners and they look after all the aspects of the festivals.

Safety and Precautions

Some major safety and precautions should be heeded if you are going to get to the streets at the peak time of Holi.

    • Take care of your skin and hair.
    • Apply lots of cream and oil at the exposed skin such as face, arms and legs.
    • It is also better that you leave your valuable electronics at home away from the water.
    • Remove your lenses and don on a pair of glasses for safety as the colors are dangerous to the lens.

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Why is Holi Celebrated

To know more about the mythology related to this festival, check out this video:


Catering Options

The evenings are more related to meeting up with friends and relatives and sharing good will. You can also go for a catered Holi where you can enjoy without worrying about cooking. Many people enjoy playing Holi in the morning hours and prefer to gather around with friends and relatives and have a lunch where they can catch up with them. The planning for these lunches and gatherings start well over a month before. Special Holi food and delicacies are prepared. If you have too much on your hands or you would like to try a cook or caterer this year, never fear!

Holi Catering in Gurgaon Delhi

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How is holi celebrated, Safety and Precautions, Catering holi Lunch?

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