Client Terms and Conditions – AC Servces



    ✓ There is no guarantee on Top up of AC refrigerant

    ✓ We provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for AC Servicing

    ✓ There is 1 Month Service Warranty for any AC Gas leakage issues post AC Gas Refilling

    ✓ In case of any part replacement please make sure you sign it along with date and then hand it over to the technician

    ✓ In case of any post AC Gas filling issues, which is a result of your AC part becoming faulty, separate cost would apply

    ✓ Any internal AC parts replacement as a result of they becoming faulty over the period are Not Covered under AC Gas filling warranty

    ✓ Where AC Service/ AC Repair involves any Material or Product to be purchased at the technician end; please do ask technician for Product /Material invoice for any warranties or issues in future. Quotemykaam does not sell or provide product warranty for any AC repair parts


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