Be Your Own Interior Decorator – DIY Interior Decorating Ideas!

Simple interior decorating ideas that can give you a beautiful and well organised home. And undoubtedly, we do our very best to ensure that our home conforms to the notions of a swanky house. This includes stocking up on plush furniture, getting upholstery redone every six months, impulsively buying artifacts and showpieces on every visit to the mall and what not! But what we do not realize is that going over the top is not always the best route to a well done home. Sometimes, it’s the little details and changes that are required to bring about a pleasant change without massive investments. Here are a few interior decorating ideas to be your own interior decorator and revamp the look of your abode.

Less is more

In a contest of a house full of furniture, fixtures and fittings versus a clutter-free space, the latter wins any day. So the first thing you can do to makeover your place is to de-clutter. Let all the not-in-use-anymore-but-in-my-house-anyway stuff out of the door and make way for a spacious and bigger looking home. With no expenditure whatsoever!

Brighten up

The best way to instantly lift up the spirits of your home is to stock up on bright cushions, sofa covers, bed covers and curtains. This can be done to dress up your home for a festival or even to add life to an otherwise dull-looking place.


Adorn your walls with fancy mirrors, abstract paintings, wall hangings etc. Liven up drab corners with pretty consoles, hanging lamps, armchairs or something as little as an indoor plant. Accessorizing can go a long way in adding a personalized touch of glamour to your house, however, remember rule number one.

Light up

The lighting of your house has a huge role to play in creating the ambience that it exudes. Make sure you have a flawless and stunning lighting system that is not too bright and not too dull. Go for coloured mood lighting for special corners like the entrance lobby or the bar. Brighten up dark corners with classic chandeliers and let your house spell exquisiteness.

All about the aroma

Just like you never forget to spritz on your favourite fragrance to complete your look for a special occasion, never forget to ensure that your house too smells like heaven all the time. This is where potpourri, fragrance diffusers, scented candles and air fresheners come into play. So step up the house game by setting up a striking fragrance at your place and giving yourself a daily dose of aroma therapy in the comfort of your very home!


Finally, it goes without saying that you must make sure that timely maintenance of home stays underway. This includes annual painting and polishing, fixing chipped and cracked corners, getting your furniture and upholstery regularly dry cleaned and ensuring an effective cleaning, mopping and dusting routine.

So switch on the creative side to yourself and get working on your very own dream home by being your own interior specialist using these little hacks and bask in the glory of a string of compliments!



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Be Your Own Interior Decorator – DIY Interior Decorating Ideas!

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