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With the arrival of summers, you must be feeling the heat. But you are short on money and want to get that air conditioner to solve all your problems for the season. No need to worry or borrow money because we advice you to go for a second hand air conditioner.

Firstly, some parameters which can’t be ignored to assess Second Hand Air Conditioner are:

  1. First of all research about the air conditioner you are interested in buying. Try to look for its original cost on the internet, magazines, newspapers, second hand shops.
  2. Evaluate that the second hand air conditioner has the cooling capacity according to the space you have.
  3. Test the working condition of the second hand air conditioner by keeping it switched on in a room for an hour. Also, check the interior parts of the unit, as there are chances of parts being rusted or burnt.
  4. Do a background check on the manufacturer so, if needed you can buy spare parts or obtain servicing from him.
  5. Check for Btu (British Thermal Unit) which measures how much heat energy air conditioner unit produces. A typical window air conditioner might be rated at 10,000 Btu.
  6. EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) indicates the efficiency of the air conditioner and of course should be high. The energy efficiency rating (EER) of an air conditioner is its Btu rating over its wattage. As an example, if a 10,000-Btu air conditioner consumes 1,200 watts, its EER is 8.3 (10,000 Btu/1,200 watts).
  7. Test the fans by setting the thermostat to the warmest to check it’s functioning in high, medium and low speeds.
  8. To check the compressor set the temperature to the coolest and listen to the compressor kicking in.
  9. Check the warranty and do ask for the receipt which should state the amount you spent, the exact model of air conditioner you received and its general condition.

An interesting video by OLX on tips to buy Second-Hand products :

Now some of the top sources/leads from where you can buy a much needed Second-Hand Air Conditioner :

1. OLX

Probably the best and most popular in advertising website. You can post ads free of cost. Comes with a mobile app as well.

Visit OLX for second hand air conditioner


A popular classified advertising website that is really trending nowadays. It gives you the feature of a doorstep delivery, specifies whether the second hand air conditioner is being shipped from another city and gives an approximate time of delivery. Sold by both the dealers and individuals.

Visit Quikr for second hand air conditioner


An upcoming site with great potential is Indiamart. It gives you all the information about the suppliers as well as manufacturers. Best site to visit if you’re to buy air conditioners in bulk.

Visit Indiamart for second hand air conditioner


One of the oldest platform for free classified ads. It is really liberal in accepting any category.

Visit Sulekha for second hand air conditioner


Get the contact list of sellers of air conditioners in your area without filtering to find a seller near you.

Visit Justdial for second hand air conditioner


Another similar site but a less used and less popular site than the others but who knows you can get the best deal here.

Visit Clickindia for second hand air conditioner

Also, List of toll free numbers of these sites :

OLX TOLL FREE 1800-103-3333
QUIKR TOLL FREE 022-67797979
SULEKHA TOLL FREE 1 800 3000 7979
CLICKINDIA CONTACT +91 9999-699-799

We hope you make the best decision and bring the cool air home. We at Quotemykaam provide professional experts for AC installation, servicing and repair.

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  • Split AC : Rs 1199/- per AC


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Best Websites & Tips to Buy Second Hand Air Conditioner – 9899763411

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