How To Plan A Rocking Masquerade Party?

Want To Add Mystery And Enigma To Your Birthday Party?

Then Check Out Some Cool Masquerade Party Ideas For Your Next Birthday!

Whenever we throw any party our main aim is that we want our guests to have super fun and whatever theme we go for we always make sure to plan it perfectly.

So, if you love shimmer and glitters and planning a masquerade party for your next birthday, then check out some masquerade party ideas.

masquerade party decoration ideas
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  • Masquerade Invitation Ideas

  • Invitation cards forms the most important part of any party. Go artistic and imaginative with invitation cards. For creative masquerade birthday invitations, just cut them in the shape of an eye mask and decorate it with lots of shimmer, glitters and sequences.

    masquerade party invitation idead
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  • Masquerade Party Decoration

    1. Decorate the venue with amazing giant masquerade masks. You can either hang them or use it as a centerpiece.
    2. Paint helium balloons with gold metallic paint colors and line it up on the entryways of the venue.
    3. Use round paper lanterns to beautifully decorate the ceiling.
    4. If you want to create something magical then try fairy lights. It will add a soft glow to your room or venue.
    5. Go for purple, gold, silver, green and black color balloons and streamers for decoration.

    masquerade party decoration ideas
    Image Source: VIVO Masks

    masquerade mask centerpiece
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  • Masquerade Party Dress Ideas

  • Go for semi formal dresses but the most important thing is your masks. Don’t forget to wear it. Men can go for semi formal attire and ladies can go for dresses and gowns.

    party masks for masquerade party
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  • Music

  • Plan a good music to play like a good piano music or jazz number.

    masquerade party decoration
    Image Source: VIVO Masks

  • Masquerade Party Games

  • Games are the best way to break the ice and to keep the guests engaged throughout. Here are some of the games which you can include at your next masquerade party:

    1. Masquerade Musical Chair
    2. Masquerade Treasure Hunt
    3. Masks Decorating Contest

You can even organize some theme related prizes such as for best male and female attire, for best dressed couple and for best dancing couple.

Today masquerade theme is becoming very popular. It is a timeless classic and is associated with maturity and elegance.

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How To Plan A Rocking Masquerade Party?

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