Water Damaged Phone- Facts Vs Myths

Common Water Damaged Phone Myths That You May Have Believed To Be True!

water damaged phone
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    Mobile phones have become an important part of our life. Whether it’s office, hospitals, shopping malls or home, it is something that we all cannot do without.

    There are number of misconceptions when it comes to water damaged repair techniques. Some of the most suggested strategy are more harmful to your device than helpful.

    Here We Bring You With Some Mobile Phone Water Damaged Myths And Facts:

    • application of heat on water damaged phone
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      1. MYTH
      2. We all are under this impression that applying heat to your water damaged phone will save your mobile phone from damage which is totally false. Infact it will only damage your device in number of ways.

      3. FACT
      4. If you apply heat to your water damaged phone it will only further deteriorate your device. Intense heat will not only end up damaging the battery but will also wrap parts of the phone.

        Blow dryers tends to increase internal water damage. When the air is pushed into the phone it speeds water further throughout the interior of the device.


    • water damaged phone- rice trick
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      • MYTH
      • Submerging your water damaged phone in the bag of rice will save your phone.

      • FACT
      • The first thing that comes to our mind when our phone is water damaged is to bury it in a bowl or bag of rice. It is true that rice does absorb moisture but it is the least effective method.

        The motherboard of your phone starts deteriorating as soon as the liquid enters the phone and this is something which rice cannot solve.

        Rice cannot absorb moisture well enough to prohibit corrosion of the motherboard of your phone. Moreover rice leaves a residue behind which is made up of sugar and starch which further damages the phone.

        In order to avoid further damage it is always advisable to contact mobile repair technicians immediately.

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        Water Damaged Phone- Facts Vs Myths

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