All in One Online Mobile Screen Repair Guide | 2018

Do you have cracked mobile screen? Do you need mobile screen repair at doorstep? Know how much does mobile screen repair costs.

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Mobile Screen Repair Cost in Delhi NCR

AppleIphone 4Rs. 1400
AppleIphone 4SRs. 2250
AppleIphone 5Rs. 3200
AppleIphone 5SRs. 3200
AppleIphone 6Rs. 3900
AppleIphone 6 plusRs. 4800
AppleIphone 6SRs. 5400
AppleIphone 6S plusRs. 8400
AppleIphone 7Rs. 8000
AppleIphone 7 plusRs. 10500
LenovoVibe K5 NoteRs. 2500
LenovoVibe K4 NoteRs. 2400
LenovoK3 NoteRs. 2200
LenovoA7000Rs. 2200
LenovoA6000Rs. 2200
LenovoLenovo K6 NoteRs. 2650
LenovoK5 NoteRs. 2650
LenovoK6 PowerRs. 2650
MotorolaMoto G3Rs. 2600
MotorolaMoto G4 PlusRs. 3200
MotorolaMoto G TurboRs. 2600
MotorolaMoto G3 TurboRs. 2600
MotorolaMoto G5Rs. 2800
MotorolaMoto G5 PlusRs. 2990
MotorolaMoto XRs. 4500
MotorolaMoto X 2nd GenRs. 6800
MotorolaMoto X StyleRs. 4500
MotorolaMoto X PlayRs. 4200
MotorolaMoto ZRs. 9600
MotorolaMoto Z PlayRs. 9600
OnePlusOnePlus 1Rs. 2500
OnePlusOnePlus 2Rs. 2500
OnePlusOnePlus 3Rs. 7800
OnePlusOnePlus 3TRs. 7800
OnePlusOnePlus XRs. 7990
OppoF1Rs. 3000
OppoF1 PlusRs. 7200
OppoF1 SRs. 2400
OppoNEO 7Rs. 2200
SamsungGalaxy Note 3Rs. 7800
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Rs. 10850
SamsungGalaxy S3Rs. 5500
SamsungGalaxy S4Rs. 5500
SamsungGalaxy S5Rs. 7800
SamsungGalaxy S6Rs. 10000
SamsungGalaxy S7Rs. 10400
SamsungGalaxy S7 edgeRs. 16600
SamsungGalaxy S8 edgeRs. 17000
SamsungJ7Rs. 5800
SamsungJ7 PrimeRs. 4800
VivoV5Rs. 2250
VivoY21LRs. 2000
VivoY51LRs. 2250
VivoY55LRs. 2450
XiaomiMI 1SRs. 1800
XiaomiMI 2On Discussion
XiaomiMI 3SRs. 1990
XiaomiMI 3Rs. 2100
XiaomiXiaomi Mi 4iRs. 2100
XiaomiMI 4Rs. 2200
XiaomiMI 5Rs. 2800
XiaomiMI NOTE 3Rs. 2200
XiaomiMI MAXRs. 2650
XiaomiMI NOTE 3G & 4GRs. 2000
XiaomiMI NOTE 4Rs. 2400

Mobile screen problem is one of the most common problems we all face with our smartphones and iPhones. Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and when our mobile phones run into problems, our life literally stops! Even a small damage in our mobile phones can hinder our daily routine.
Software-related display problems often have solutions and owners can manage to troubleshoot them. However, physical screen problems would always end up sending the device for mobile screen repair or mobile screen replacement. Unlike any other components, display panels are disposable that when they are damaged, they need to be replaced.
Quotemykaam is staffed with a team of certified, verified, experienced mobile screen repair professionals to provide you a quick mobile screen fix. Get your damaged phone screen repair at doorsteps.


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We do receive a lot of requests regarding mobile phone display problems, mobile touch screen repair problem, android phone screen repair, iPhone screen repair cost, online phone screen replacement service, broken mobile screen repair, quick mobile screen fix , best mobile screen repair center nearby and based on those reports we were able to come up with 9 possible mobile screen issues that we all face.



9 Mobile Phone Screen Problems


A Complete ALL-IN-ONE Mobile Screen Problem/ Solution Guide



Broken, cracked and bleeding screen


What is broken and cracked screen problem?

A very common occurrence, yet one of the most heartbreaking ones. Especially if the phone is relatively new.
Among the first components to be damaged when a smartphone fell is the screen; in that case either it will totally be broken or just some cracks. Cracked screens are a common ailment for the modern-day smartphone user, whether you’ve dropped your handset on the sidewalk or someone else smacked it out of your hands. Learn about dangers using cracked screen mobile phone.

 iphone 6 cracked screen repair



How to fix cracked phone screen?

Broken screens come in many different levels of severity and you could be dealing with anything from a completely broken display screen or bleeding mobile screen and a non-working phone, to a small spider crack in one corner of the screen and a device that still works fine. Read more about Can you fix a cracked screen on a cell phone yourself.

Not all of these solutions are applicable to every scenario but we’ll try and guide you as best we can.

What to do right away:

  • Apply tape over the broken portion to hold the screen together.
  • If it doesn’t work, get the phone repaired by certified mobile phone technicians at


Flickering, glitching, flashing


What is screen flickering, glitching and flashing problem?

Screen flickering, glitching and flashing generally occurs when the brightness of a screen keeps changing from high to low constantly. In the earlier days when the software was a fundamental thing and hardware wasn’t on top-notch, mobile screen flickering & glitching issue almost always meant hardware problem. But nowadays that we carry mini-computers in our pockets in the form of smartphones, screen flickering issue has become far more common.

Basically, fluctuation between CPU and GPU to emit backlight from the phone cause this problem.


gliching screen


How to fix flickering screen?

Here’s our quick guide on what you can do to fix the mobile screen flickering, glitching and flashing issue.

What to do right away:

  1. DIY thing
  • Go to Settings > System > About device.
  • Look up “Build number” and press repeatedly. Developer options will now be available to you!
  • Go to Developer options > Drawing Section or Rendering Section
  • Find “Turn off hardware overlays” or “disable hardware overlays” and press it.
  • Now, the hardware will have to use the GPU in order to emit backlight, ending the fluctuation and screen flickering
  1. Boot the device in Safe Mode

  1. If none of the above solutions works, then you get the screen flickering issue to be resolved by the mobile mechanic having experience and expertise. Quotemykaam is the one stop solution for all your problems.


Unresponsive mobile display


What is unresponsive display problem and it’s reasons?

Sometimes while using our phones, the screen completely stops responding and no matter what buttons we press, the screen gets frozen and becomes unresponsive. It just doesn’t work. It may be caused by some third-party app or there can be some components causing display glitches. You can even see a blurry/purple display screen on mobile screen under this problem.


display problem


How to fix unresponsive display problem?

Try out these solutions to fix unresponsive display problem.

What to do right away:

  • Try restarting or rebooting the phone.
  • If it doesn’t work, try uninstalling some apps that were installed recently.
  • Fix a blurry/purple screen on mobile phone
  • If that too doesn’t work, the best solution is to send your smartphone for repair to some certified person. It is strongly recommended to send your phone for repair rather than opening it and messing with its components.


Dead pixel on phone


What is dead pixel problem and how it is caused?

When your phone has one or more small spot(s) on its screen and the spots won’t go away, that could be a dead pixel. Critical examination is needed to determine whether the smartphone needs repairing or not. These spots may be black or oil-colored.

The problem can be caused by certain reason such as – third-party applications, phone screen has a small damaged area, GPU has an issue with some apps, dropping your phone on hard surface etc..

 dead pixel



How to fix dead pixels on smartphone?

The simple ways of determining dead pixel problem are listed below.

What to do right away:

  • Turn the smartphone in landscape mode as well as portrait mode. If the direction and orientation of the spot(s) change, a simple reset of the device will be sufficient. Read more about how do I fix a dead pixel on my Android phone?
  • If the spots stay where they are, it is advisable to send the smartphone for repair at Quotemykaam.


Blank screen on phone


What is blank screen problem and its causes?

Many times it is observed that suddenly the screen of our smartphone or mobile phone goes blank. It could be for a couple of seconds, few days or not going at all. It is a common problem of all smartphone owners whether it is iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or Blackberry phone.

There are no definite reasons for this problem but still, some of them could be – some app or feature freezes, not enough battery to power the device up, any physical damage or some software updates.


blank screen in mobile phone


How to fix blank screen phone?

Try all these possible hacks to get your healthy phone back.

What to do right away:

  • Reboot / soft-reset the phone
  • Plug the charger in
  • Get your phone checked by the best mobile repair technicians. Undoubtedly Quotemykaam has the best tech support in mobile screen repair services in India.


Black screen of death error in mobile

What is black screen of death error in mobile phone all about?

The Black Screen of Death is an error in which, screen displayed by some operating systems after encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down abruptly or to crash.


Black screen of death error in mobile phones


How to fix black screen on mobile phone?

The only solution to this problem is – take your phone to a qualified and verified mobile screen repair mechanic ASAP. Do not waste time figuring out that you can solve this problem yourself and can save a lot. Instead, that can cost a lot, as it could cause more damage to your phone.

Quotemykaam was rectified hundreds of such major problems. They provide best solutions to repair phone screen.


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Unresponsive touch screen


What is unresponsive touch screen problem?

The touch part of the mobile phone is the basic and most essential part. If touch screen becomes less sensitive your touch or unresponsive to your action or totally not working than smartphone actually becomes useless.

Here are several reasons which cause phone touch screen not working problem such as – dust & dirt from external environment causes the screen to becomes less sensitive, phone screen crack causing touch screen not working, application problems or some updates in personal settings. Also, there are some unusual problems like – Small row of touch screen unresponsive, Bottom part of touchscreen not working etc..


touch screen problem


How to fix unresponsive touch screen?

Just follow the guide to solve “touch screen not working problem”. 

What to do right away:

  • When using your phone, make sure that your hand is clean and dry.
  • Do not use your phone while charging
  • If the touch screen still hasn’t got any reaction, get it fixed by some professional mobile screen repair expert.   


Ghost touch screen problem


What is the ghost touch problem?

Ghost touch (or touch mishap) are the commonly known terms used when your touch screen responds to presses that you’re actually not making, or when there’s a section of your phone screen that’s completely unresponsive to your touch. The problem may not be exactly same in all devices, but it seems to be more or less same in some devices than others.

The reason behind this problems can be – water or dirt damage beneath the screen guard can cause ‘ghost’ presses that aren’t being made. Although there is no definite cause for the problem.


ghost touch screen


How to fix ghost touch on smartphones?

The exact solution to the problem can only be given by the certified and experienced mobile repair professional. Finding, absolutely reliable phone repair technician is so easy at You just need to head on to their website and book your service. A service professional will be at your doorstep, right on time.

What to do right away:

  • Only if you have enough knowledge and right tools, open your device and disassemble it, you have a good chance of getting your screen suffering from the ghost touch problem, working again.
  • Try changing the screen guard with a new one.


Water damaged phone screen


How water causes screen damage problem?

The world suddenly stops when you see you accidentally dropped your mobile phone or smartphone in water, and that terror of all gone. Whether it’s a pool or a toilet, you just know nothing good will come out of the next few seconds. Water can cause excessive harm to the screen such as – leading to the unresponsive screen, water spots on the screen/display, completely shattered display. Learn more about Water Damaged Phone- Facts Vs Myths.


water damaged


How to fix water damaged phone?

If done smartly, this problem can be solved by yourself. Try out these solutions and see if it works. 

What to do right away:

  • Do not turn on the phone
  • Don’t move the phone around too much, as it can spread more
  • Dissemble the phone and put it in an uncooked rice sack
  • Use hair dryer
  • Even after doing all this, nothing happens then all you need to do is call an online mobile repair service and get your phone fixed without compromising the comfort of your home.


One stop solution to all Mobile Screen Repair Problems

Quotemykaam is the ultimate solution to all your mobile screen related problems. With the team of qualified experts and certified mobile repair professionals, Quotemykaam has served thousands of request in India for mobile repair problem. Rated 5 star by the customers from all over India. Years of experience and knowledge has made them stand out of hundreds.


How to find an online mobile screen repair service?

  1. How to reach Quotemykaam?
  2. Just bang on Google type
  3. Click on the website link
  4. Type Mobile Repair in the search tab
  5. Select the city and mobile repair service as per your need.
  6. You are good to go with no pain. A mobile repair technician from Quotemykaam will visit your place and fix all your problems.


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