Herbal pest control v/s Traditional pest control

Pest control is done more often nowadays than in the olden times. A reason for this could be that in the olden days, people used home remedies with success while we tend to put more trust in the chemical methods rather than home remedies. Chemical treatments often have side effects and are not safe to be used when you have small children or pets.

Herbal pest control v/s Traditional pest control

Then came the rise of the organic pest control. They use environment-friendly chemicals, and one which does not cause harm to kids or pets are very rarely are the reason for allergies.


Herbal pest control chemicals are made from plants. Since it is a natural option, you are likely to need the treatment more frequently. On the other hand, with the convention methods using the chemicals, we might require pest control to be done half-yearly or quarterly. Herbal pest control might require on a monthly basis.
For those who are farming, rearing bees, vegetable or herb garden, herbal pest control is a very good idea.


Organic pest control is generally more expensive since they require treatments at short intervals of time. Normal pest control treatments are expensive since a one-time application can last for a longer time.


Herbal pest control treatments do not show the effect immediately. And since they are made of plants and are organic, pests will develop resistance to them. Convention pest control treatments show effect immediately.


Since the organic products are made from plants and other natural products, it is environment-friendly, kid-friendly and pet-friendly. The normal pest control chemicals are made from lab chemicals which make it dangerous to the environment, kids, and pets.


Herbal pest control products are slightly more difficult to get since they are not available everywhere though that is changing slowly. Normal pest control products are available at a wider range of stores and in almost all areas.


Now that you know about the differences between using organic pest control and normal pest control, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

Herbal pest control v/s Traditional pest control

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