Meet Our Quotemykaam Team

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The Inquisitive(s)

This group of enthusiasts work to conceptualize & study new offerings, features customers would love, study competition, pricing, market and ensure a product vision and backlog is defined & communicated to the teams. They ensure the product vision is developed as per specifications and monitor success & feedback once it is made live.

The Creative Juices

They are social in nature think outside the box are always full of fresh, original and creative ideas. They keep a lookout for latest Marketing trends, Design Thinking, Analytics and customers social behavior. Their talent, creativity, and strong online presence and abilities are what make our business stand out from the crowd.

The Technical Knockouts

They are the brainiacs of our company and ensure that the website, Technical Infrastructure and Product backlog are implemented at the earliest. From ensuring customers have no downtime to making coolest features are live for our customers every few week(s) excites them.

The Communicators

They love talking to the customers and our service partners & communicate positives of our service offering day in and day out. They aim to solve any customer problems with calm mind, are great listeners & helpful all the time. They ensure that any feedback is duly communicated to the relevant team.

The Visionaries

Our Co-Founders – Vikas Karwal & Deepankar Joshi who conceptualized the idea and launched Quotemykaam in September 2015. About Quotemykaam

  • Vikas is Ex- Fidelity Investments, Niksun and has experience in the field of Investment generation, HR, Team Building, Project Management & Operations. He is passionate about growth, building teams & delivering projects in a meticulous planned way and on time.

  • Deepankar is Ex- Fidelity Investments UK, Infosys having years of experience in the field of Business Growth, Digital Product Management, Strategy, Product Development. He is a Digital enthusiast by heart and loves exploring New ideas, Designs & Marketing trends.
  • If we sound exciting to you and you would want to join us, please view our Current Openings. We would love to hear from you anyway. If there is anything else you wish to chat with us drop us a note at or