Pest Control In Kitchen – Tips To Manage The Common Kitchen Pests.


Kitchen Pest Control- A Must For Your Healthy Living.

Kitchen pests

Are you tired of seeing creepy pests in your kitchen? Do you always wonder how to keep your food safe from getting infected with these kitchen bugs? Are crawling cockroaches, flies and rodents becoming a common sight in your kitchen?


If you are suffering from the above problems you should definitely follow some strict kitchen pest control measures.


Types of Kitchen Pests

The main kitchen pests are cockroaches, rodents, fruits flies, and pantry pests. These unwanted guests in your kitchen not only wreck havoc but also cause many dangerous diseases. Let us see the details of these kitchen pests :


Kitchen Pest Control for Cockroaches

kitchen pest control for cockroaches

The common cockroach types are German, Oriental and American. These kitchen pests are mostly attracted towards food debris, moisture and clutter. They can crawl through cracks or drainage system into your kitchen. The sight of these kitchen pests is disturbing but your cause for concern should be the dangerous diseases that they spread.


Cockroaches carry bacteria and spread diseases like E-coli, salmonella and many others. They also carry parasitic worms and other kinds of human pathogens. Moreover, their saliva droppings and decomposed bodies also carry allergens that may cause trouble, especially for asthma patients.


Kitchen Pest Control For Rodents

rodents the common kitchen pests.

Rodents or mice or rats are another category of dangerous kitchen bugs. They invade homes through holes or gaps from walls, roofs, windows and other places. Rodents are mainly attracted towards food. They themselves spread diseases and can also carry other disease-causing pests like ticks, fleas and lice. Rodents can also damage your household goods by chewing on it. The greatest problem is once they invade your house, they can multiply fast.


Kitchen Pest Control For Ants

ants, the irritating kitchen pests

Ants are one of the common pantry pests. They also get attracted by food. In some places, the climatic conditions and heat are also the reason for Ant infestation. They can trail into your kitchen from the tiniest openings and then form a nest. They do not cause any serious diseases but ant bites can cause skin infection and irritation.


Some other pantry pests are beetles, moths etc.

How to get rid of Insects in Kitchen – Preventive Measures For Pests In Kitchen

I doubt you would enjoy food items covered with ants, or be happy to see rats biting away on your savoured dish. Definitely, the kitchen is the last place you would want to see pests, as they can chew through boxes, contaminate your food and litter the kitchen cabinets and cupboards with faeces. Some basic preventive kitchen pest control measures that you should follow in order to keep your kitchen pest free are :


  1. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy, that’s the first and most important way to avoid kitchen pests. As dirt is an abode for any kind of pest.
  2. Throw away any leftover food immediately, to prevent food insects in kitchen.
  3. Discard the garbage regularly and always keep your dustbin covered.
  4. Dispose of any kind of vegetable peels or other waste things that pile up while cooking immediately to prevent pest infestation in kitchen.
  5. Try to store fruits and extra food in the refrigerator, where kitchen pests rarely attack.
  6. Replace any kind of paper boxes or containers with airtight storage containers to avoid infestation of ants and cockroaches in your food.
  7. Clean your sinks and drainage pipes well to avoid cockroaches.
  8. Purchase only sealed foods that show no sign of damage. Always remember to check the expiry date as expired products may be infested with kitchen pests.
  9. Don’t pile up dirty dishes in the sink for a long time. As that may attract Kitchen pests. If you don’t have time just rinse it and keep, so no dirt piles up inviting bacteria and pests in kitchen.
  10. Don’t leave pet food and water bowls unattended for a long period of time.
  11. Seal all cracks and crevices especially near the stove and water pipes, as they may attract cockroaches and other kitchen pests.
  12. Clean any kind of spills, crumbs, or any droppings from table, counter tops, floors etc instantly to avoid kitchen pests.
  13. USe bay leaf as a repellent to avoid pantry pests. Keep bay leaf in containers where you store grains rice etc. as its pungent smell repels kitchen pests.
  14. If you keep your fruits in open always ensure checking it from time to time. If it is ripened throw it away or it may attract fruit flies.
  15. Clean the kitchen appliances that you use and keep them covered after use.
  16. Keep the kitchen cabinets clean. Inspect the cabinets once in while for signs of dead kitchen bugs or feaces.
  17. The final and most important point is to always opt for services of professional pest control companies in your city once in a year. You can then keep your kitchen pest free by maintaining a clean kitchen.



Home Remedies for Kitchen Pest Control

Is how to control pests in kitchen, your common concern? You should follow some basic rules and home remedies on a regular basis to keep the food bugs in the kitchen at bay. Let me guide you with some natural ways to keep a check on kitchen bugs.


•Clean sink and drainage pipes with Vinegar and water. Pour in half cup of vinegar into the drain. Let it rest for an hour or so and then pour in some hot water.

•Mix equal quantity of baking soda and powdered sugar and spread it on cockroach-infested areas as it is a good cockroach killer.

•Make good use of cucumber slice by placing it at the entry points from where kitchen bugs enter especially Ants entry points and see them disappear soon.

•Plant some fresh basil plants near your kitchen window.

•You can use coffee grounds to seal entry points.

•Use a combination of Vinegar and essential oil to wipe the kitchen counters and walls.

•You can keep bay leaves with cinnamon in kitchen cabinets and other areas to avoid insects in kitchen cabinets.


For more details of home remedies for kitchen pest control click here.


Professional Kitchen Pest Control- Your Ultimate Solution to all Kitchen Pest Problems

The biggest problem with kitchen bugs is they multiply very fast once they have invaded your house. You can follow all kinds of home remedies for kitchen pest control as a starting point.  But definite results will be achieved by professional pest control companies.


We at Quotemykaam use the best and eco- friendly kitchen pest control products keeping the safety of your family in mind. Be it commercial kitchen pest control or residential kitchen pest control we are there to help you. Our kitchen pest control service is completely hassle-free and helps you get rid of all kitchen pests from cockroaches, rodents, fruit flies and ants. You should always remember kitchen pest control is very important for food safety and maintaining a healthy life. So go for kitchen pest control measures as soon as you see signs of pest infestation in kitchen. Or these kitchen bugs will destroy your sacred space.


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