Physiotherapy exercises you can do at home

So you’ve been hitting the gym lately and experiencing some jittery pain in specific parts of your body or you’re the person who’s spending hours leaning on your computer for 8 hours straight. You could also be the one who’s having a difficult time due to ageing issues.
You all need to take care of your body so that you can continue and step into the next day without any pain or injuries.
The best way to do this is to start doing some physiotherapy exercises.You don’t always need an expert in doing so.

physiotheraphy exercises
Physiotherapy exercises you can do at home

Here I list some great physiotherapy exercises that will relieve your pain if done regularly :

• Back Pain Physiotherapy

1. Lie down on your back and relax. Spread your arms little bit and start rocking your feet without lifting them off the ground. The idea is to create some motion using your feet.
2. Get in a cat position or a half push up position. Keeping your knees on the ground start moving your feet to and fro along with your neck in the opposite direction.You can do this by lying on the ground as well.
3. Keep your knees together and lie in a crunch position. Spread your arms and start moving your legs left and right and touch the floor with your ankles.

Watch the below video for Back Pain Physiotherapy

• Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy

1. Rest down on your back. Grab a wrist with the other hand and stretch the hand overhead as much as you can.
2. Sit next to a table. Place your arm on the table and stretch it with your head down.
3. Hold a stiff object such as a pole or door handle. Keeping your elbow at 90 degrees turn your body away from it.

• Knee Pain Physiotherapy

1. While standing up, keep one leg on the ground and touch the calf of your other leg with the back of the thigh of that leg.
2. Perform lateral knee raises with your back resting on the ground. Try to feel the stretch as much as possible.
3. Touch your toes with your fingertips without bending your knees.

• Neck Pain Physiotherapy

1. Move your neck in a left and right motion making 90 and 180 degrees with your shoulder.
2. Rotate your neck in circular motion and change the direction of motion after completing 180 degrees of rotation i.e. half the rotation.
3. Move your neck as if you are nodding up and down.

Watch the below video for Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Always remember that quality is better than quantity when performing these exercises. Always try working on the form of your body and don’t overdo an exercise.
Even after doing these exercises there’s no improvement, then you need to see a doctor or require some expert help.

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Physiotherapy exercises you can do at home

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