Pick-up and delivery – All that you can deliver

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind When You First Think Of ‘Ferrying stuff’? Pacing The Roads!

And what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Pacing the roads’? But obvious, the deadly traffic!

Pick and drop

Delivering anything from flowers and gifts to collecting the order that you placed at an electronics store or even the little phone that you might have forgotten at office, is commensurate with struggling and juggling with the omnipresent ominous traffic.

But wherever there’s a problem, there’s got to be a solution. This is where we manifest to put an end to half the miseries of your life that start and end at the question of ‘pick up and delivery’.

Here’s How:

  • Stressed Because Of Diwali Gift Distribution
  • With the festivities drawing up and close, we’re all struggling to make sure that the gifts, sweets and flowers reach our friends, relatives or associates in time.

    The good news here is that you no longer have to bother yourselves about how to get these gifts delivered. Just choose your gifts and delegate the task of getting them delivered before time to us and enjoy the festival!

  • Planned A Party And Now Short Of Time
  • It is the season of parties and functions and if you’re playing host to one, you’re bound to get overwhelmed ensuring all the arrangements are in place.

    The first thing that gets affected because of this task-overload is your guest list! This, because, first, you tend to skip names in a hurry and second, the invites do not reach most in time.

    So next time you host a party, take your time to chalk out your guest list and trust us for getting the invitations delivered to all the guests on the list well in advance!

  • Or If You Belong To The “I Forgot” Category… Sounds Familiar!
  • Ranging from house keys to wallets to the lunchbox prepared by your better half that you dread to have forgotten because of the hiding that awaits you upon return, all your little daily delivery hues can be attended to with a one stop solution.



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    Have something more to add to this list of tips? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

    Written by Divya Rathi

    Pick-up and delivery – All that you can deliver

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