Preparing your wardrobe for the winters

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The time of the year is finally here to open the bed boxes and bring out the cozy warm elements of your wardrobe. Every year, the onset of winters is preceded by the daunting task of getting the heavy clothes out and buying new ones because those old ones have collected pills or lint on them.

Here’s us making life easy for you with a set of simple care tips for your woolens for maximising the wear you get from them. Treat it well and it should be the most durable fabric in your wardrobe.

1) Beating the heat

Direct heat changes the structure of the proteins in the hair, which changes the shape of the threads and distorts the garment (or puts a hole in it). This is why wool is steamed and pressed with unheated weights to smooth it out rather than ironed. Minor wrinkles and crinkles can be dealt with by hanging it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower (the damp, warm air will loosen the wool and help it sag back into a flat shape).

2) Beat the moisture

Wet wool looses about a third of its strength. Once a wool garment has become wet enough to soak through you need to avoid stretching it any. Take it off and lay it out flat rather than hanging it. If there’s any kind of stress point in the garment such as the ridge of a narrow coat-hanger or the edge of a table bending the wool as it dries you’re likely to get a permanent, unwanted crease.

3) The washing technique

Washing your sweaters and coats is absolutely fine so long as you do not go overboard with it. Use cold water and a mild detergent to keep them looking nice and fresh. Don’t wash these clothes very frequently, twice a year is sufficient. Also, hand washing wins over machine wash.

4) Don’t hang them up

Hanging your woolens makes them lose their shape. Avoid putting them up in hangars, fold them up and place them on shelves instead.

5) Keep your clothes from smelling like musty old moth balls

Keep cedar blocks or lavender bags among your clothes while storing them, so that when it’s time to take them out, they come out smelling more pleasant than pungent.

6) Professional care

Ensure annual dry cleaning and clean ups for heavier coats, sweaters and leather jackets to add to their longevity and help them look as good as new.

Keep the wool dry, unheated, and store somewhere that it isn’t creased and isn’t going to be damaged. That and basic cleaning with a brush and the occasional trip to the dry-cleaner’s, is about all the maintenance wool clothing takes. Keep these little tips in mind and go ahead and have a fantastic looking winter!

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Have something to add to this list of tips? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

Written by Divya Rathi

Preparing your wardrobe for the winters

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