Causes Behind Refrigerator Not Cooling

Imagine that unpleasant moment when you open your refrigerator to have a glass of chilled water and you come to know that your refrigerator not cooling!

refrigerator repair problem

    In this modern world every home has a refrigerator. Without refrigerator it becomes very difficult to store food and drinks especially during summers.

    Refrigerator is a necessary part of our daily life and if it stops working then it disrupts our entire schedule.

    Let us go through some of the possible reasons behind your refrigerator not cooling properly:

    1. Faulty Thermostat
    2. A poor thermostat can stop the refrigerator from working properly. In order to make the refrigerator work, thermostat needs to send start signal to the capacitor. If you come across such situation then call the professionals for fridge repair.

    3. Damaged Condenser Fan Motor
    4. A condenser fan is responsible for forcing hot air out of the refrigerator. So a faulty condenser fan stops the hot air from getting released in the room and it remains inside the refrigerator. This makes the temperature inside the refrigerator go up.

    5. The Defrost Timer
    6. Defrost system is responsible for controlling the cooling and defrost cycle of the refrigerator. The excessive frost gets build-up on the evaporator coil which ends up reducing the air flow.

    7. Inadequate Refrigerant Level
    8. Restricted refrigerant or refrigerant leakage also affect the cooling inside the refrigerator.

    9. Dirty Condenser Coils
    10. Dirty condenser coils prevent the heat from flowing out of the coils properly and this heat then stays inside the refrigerator which ends up reducing the cooling.

    11. Damaged Evaporator Fan
    12. Cool air from the freezer are circulated to the other compartments of the refrigerator with the help of evaporator fan. But when the evaporator fan stops working it is unable to circulate cool air inside the food department and because of this the freezer section remains cold but the food section does not cool.

    13. Damaged Start Capacitor
    14. The start capacitor gives a push to the capacitor to start. But if the start capacitor is damaged then it won’t be able to start up which leads to refrigerator not cooling.

    15. Broken Start Relay
    16. A start relay is a tiny tool which you will find near the compressor. Start relay helps the compressor to start. But if it is damaged then the compressor might not start up.

    Refrigerator not cooling or fridge not cooling is a very common problem and it is always recommended that you contact refrigerator repair technicians.

    If the problem is a major one and it requires some professional help, always contact QuoteMyKaam.

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      Causes Behind Refrigerator Not Cooling

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