AC service – Self maintenance of your air-conditioner (AC)

Summers Have Already Started To Hit And The Heat Will Get Intense Day By Day And You Don’t Want Your Air Conditioner To Malfunction Every Now And Then!

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In order to ensure that your AC operates efficiently and is ready to cool your house during the months you need it the most, it is really important to get your air conditioner inspected, serviced and cleaned from time to time.

 Without a proper functioning air conditioning system, your house uses a lot of power which may not leave a good impact on the environment as well as on your wallet.

So, what is better than self maintaining your air conditioner on your own which will save you some money and makes your day productive as well.

Here are some of the tips to ensure a hassle free summer – Regular AC service tips:

  • Condenser Should Be Cleaned

  • Clean any debris such as leaves, dust and plants which are blocking the outdoor coil. Also check the base pan for any debris and clean it properly. Make sure to turn the power off the system.

  • Have A Look At Your Filter Every Month

  • Failing to keep your filter clean will lead to improper functioning of your air conditioner. Dirty filters can cause extra electricity usage as well as cause your unit to break.

    Clean the filter with a bit of soap and water and remember to wash the clean side of the filter so that you don’t push the dirt into the filter’s core. Do this to prolong the life of your air conditioner.Make sure to turn the power off.

  • Level The Condenser

  • The condenser should be level with the ground always. This really affects the rate of flow of air. You can level it by sliding a piece of wood depending on the extent of non-leveling.

  • Decent Air Flow

  • Check whether any object is blocking the flow of air outside your air conditioner. Place it at some distance from the AC. Don’t cover your AC with curtains when it’s on.

  • Check

  • Check for any air leaks around windows and doors and make sure to seal them.

  • Use Drapes

  • Use drapes to block the sun warming places so that the air conditioner won’t have to work so much.

  • Coil Fins

  • Coil fins are easily bent and can block airflow through the coil. Use a “fin comb” that will comb these fins back into their original position.

Dripping water from the air conditioner

This is a major problem faced by all the people especially having a split air conditioner. It is a real pain and is irritating as well to keep on hearing the dripping sound.

The best thing is that you don’t need a professional to handle to this problem.You can fix it all by yourself. Here is it :

  • First cover your air conditioner with a plastic bag hanging down and also have space to collect water. Picture it as a sack hanging.
  • Now take the drain tube and blow air into it from your mouth. This results in flowing of all the unclean water into the plastic bag you had placed.
  • Then grab the drain tube and lift it upwards. Attach the vacuum cleaner to the drain tube leaving no gap between them. It will absorb the dirt accumulated in the drain tube. Drain off the dirty water from the drain tube.
  • Next use the vacuum pump for the final drain of the dirty water.
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AC service – Self maintenance of your air-conditioner (AC)

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