How do I know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Signs Your Room Has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests. These insects are active at night and they seek shelter in cracks, in folds and creases in bed linens, mattresses, chair cushion, curtains, losses wallpaper, picture frames and drawers.

These bed bugs can be a huge concern for home and owners. These blood sucking insects are enough to keep anyone awake all night.

signs of bed bugs

At first the symptoms and signs of bed bugs can be very difficult to detect and sometimes bed bugs bite can be confused with the biting of other insects.

Here are few signs that will help you to know if you have bed bugs:

  • Itchy Red Bites
  • We don’t realize that we have bed bugs until and unless they leave their mark. Though they don’t spread any disease but there bite can be quiet irritating and continuous scratching can lead to bleeding and infection. You will find red itchy bed bugs bite on arms and shoulders in a straight row. Red itchy bites are one of the signs of bed bugs.

    bed bugs rashes
    Image Source:Bed Bugs

  • Strong Unpleasant Misty Odor
  • A strong unpleasant odor is another sign that will help you know that you have bed bugs problem. Bed bugs when in large number emits a very strong smell. So if you find your bedroom smelling then contact pest control professional immediately.

  • Bed Bugs Blood Stain
  • If you come across rusty colored or dark red spots on pillowcases and bed sheets, then it is the sign of serious bed bugs infestation.

  • Bed Bugs Fecal Matter
  • Bed bugs leaves behind a dark black stain that resembles the mark of a felt pin.

    signs of bed bugs fecal matter
    Image Source:Pest Hacks

  • Egg Cases Of Bed Bugs
  • You will come across egg cases of bed bugs in cracks and crevices. So, if you have a serious bed bugs infestation then you will come across lot of eggs. Bed bugs eggs are tiny and translucent.

    translucent and tiny bed bugs eggs
    Image Source:PROOF Bed Bug Spray

  • Bed Bugs Shells
  • Try to look for empty and clear bed bugs shells. You will find them in box springs, mattress, wooden furniture and frames. These shells can be either small as 2.5mm or as big as 4.5mm.

    shells of bed bugs
    Image Source:Pest Hacks

So if you come across these signs of bed bugs then your house is seriously infested with bed bugs and you need to contact pest control professionals immediately in order to get rid of them.

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How do I know If I Have Bed Bugs?

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