Smartphones and Smart Lives

In numerous surveys and questionnaires quizzing people across the world about what is that one gadget they simply cannot survive bereft, the smartphone has proven to be an invariable clear winner. The mobile phone, at all levels, can unequivocally be termed as ‘The Invention’ of the century, next to only perhaps, the World Wide Web.

The technologically advanced successor of the mobile phone, the smartphone, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, with the unfathomable extent to which it has rendered us all dependent. The fact that I type this article on my phone and you, in all likelihood are reading it on yours explains the fact in a very basic sense.

Having said that, what I do not understand is why this entire concept of smartphones is so very overrated in receiving flak from diverse sections of the society. And while I hold absolutely no offense against any of them, I would like to argue the other side of the debate because we, at QuoteMyKaam, particularly stress on simplifying our lives. And the smartphones have contributed to our agenda at an unprecedented scale. Here’s how.

Converting multiple gadgets into one

Remember the time when there was a cellular phone, a laptop/pc, a music player and a television. Thanks to the smartphone, our lives are smarter too, and hassle-free for that matter.

You’re a walking encyclopedia

Ever since Google happened, when was the last time you looked up an encyclopedia? Or an atlas? Or even a dictionary? Self-explanatory.

Where did thy calculator disappear?

Unless you’re taking a technical exam that doesn’t allow phones to accompany you, the calculators have pretty much exited your lives too, haven’t they?

And stopwatches and alarm clocks?

Our mornings are all about waking up to our phones now. I feel bad about the bedside alarm clocks already. But you can now create room for a chic bedside showpiece instead.

What about the app-armament?

It seems as though our entire world has been has been overarched by this little bundle of convenience we call a smartphone. From work-related apps to cooking apps, from the GPS to the safety location tracking apps, the Play Store/App Store are indeed endowments in disguise.

Not trivialising social media any time soon!

Despite all the criticism that keeps pouring in every now and then, the world has mutually attributed the success and existence of a largely connected world to social media. Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn form an indispensable part of our lives and if used responsibly, they can prove to be great avenues of personal growth and development along with being one-stop destinations of entertainment, of course.

With so many reasons in hand now to feel blessed about that smartphone in your hand, here’s hoping you take good care of it. And should anything happen to it, do not forget to visit QuoteMyKaam to effectively resolve all mobile repair issues. Till then, happy ‘smartphone’ing!

Written by Divya Rathi

Smartphones and Smart Lives

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