Stage Decoration Ideas For College Function

The significance of stage decoration can not be denied, if it is styled in a good way, the impression is good for parents while for performances and for photo shot!

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Best Stage designs are very much in demand not only in political event, wedding or a musical launch, but also in school and college functions. Before this digital Era, Movie Makers used to completely rely on stage designs to create wonderful movies.

Church stage designs are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of their creativity look and multi sensory worship experience. A graphic designer and creative team turns their extraordinary ideas into stage designs.

Stage Decoration in College Function

In any college, when any function take place, the need for wonderful stage is crucial but it must be decorated with innovative ideas related to the events or functions. For Annual functions, the most important thing in stage decoration is best view.

stage decoration for college event
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There are many ways to take a plunge with the stage decors like balloons, ribbons, colorful papers, flowers, curtains, light, bulbs etc. But the most important thing in decoration is that it must have creative ideas so that it could look inspiring for students as well as parents who came to attend the function.

The most important thing in any stage decoration are balloons and curtains that enhance the beauty of an empty place and converts the place into eye catching paradise.

Some of the basic ideas for stage decoration in College Function are:

stage decoration for college event
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  • One can use the net pleated fabric to give flairs and style on the walls of the stage and glitter butterflies of big and small size can be tucked into the stage wall to make it more beautiful.
  • Stips and layers of crepe paper can be hanged on the side walls.
  • Bunches of balloons can be embellished on the different places and different edges of curtains.
  • You can make a paper castle and put it on stage while big size star balloons with streamers can be hanged on the roof of the stage.
  • Make the cartoon faces with hard paper and draw them with colour and paste them in front of the lower side of the stage to make the stairs look eye catching and beautiful.

Stage Decoration With Colorful Curtains

stage decoration with curtains
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  • Take different colors silk curtains and drape it on the stage by hanging the college logo.
  • One can also embellish guitar in place of college logo if there in concert function.
  • You can also hang balloons on the curtains of the stage to make the look dramatic.
  • Stage curtains are simple but one can make them creative by using the paper cut styles and putting big sized drawing pencil colors or Tree made of paper on the corners of the curtains.
  • When the college wants to give the inspiration about the nature to the function, the curtains of the stage can be decorated with paper-made plants and sun. One can also make colorful flowers of the paper and paste them on the lower side of the stage and the entire hall.

Stage Decoration with Balloons

Balloons are beautiful and pretty for any decor and for college function. One can place trends of fancy balloons in different shapes and style at the corners and center of any stage. It will definitely add eye catching spot for audience.

stage decoration with balloons
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Stage Decoration For Teacher’s Day

For Teacher’s Day, the stage of the college must be illuminated with lights.

stage decoration with lights for college event
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Tips for Small Stage Decoration

  • Always Consider your audience size.

  • If there is a large audience and small stage, try to make stage elements as large as possible, impactful, and easy to view and understand. For a small stage and a small audience, the decoration must be perfect and eye catching.

  • If Going Up is not possible, Make the Stage Wider

  • Usually Hotel Conference Rooms have low ceilings. In this case, try to make an impact by extending the set out to the sides or make the stage wider as possible. Or, Add additional décor elements throughout the room to make the stage feel bigger than it is.

  • Always be conscious of space

  • It is seen many times that even small stages can have a large footprint, due to back line support equipment. Always be sure to place the stage in a corner or against a wall if possible to minimize the amount of space.

  • Try to skip heavy lighting fixtures

  • Using lightweight LED fixtures will create a large impact in a small space. These types of fixtures are awesome for creating abstract looks and generally weigh a lot less than traditional lights, thus allowing them to be rigged to points in the stage rather than using an overhead truss.

  • Try to raise the stage

  • For leaving room for sub woofer cabinets, raise the small stages to at least 24 inches.

  • Always look for pre-existing backdrops

  • Whenever possible, try to place a stage in front of pre-existing video walls or other types of visually rich elements within an event space. This will reduce cost of setting stage.

  • Cover the Stage with Extraordinary Decoration

  • Always cover the stage with best decoration to match the venue theme of the event. Rental decks are used many times, so they are typically in poor condition. Always use low-pile carpet that will give a fresh new look to any small stage.

We at Quotemykaam strive very hard to maintain the creative element of the function theme like turning out the empty space into a wonderful stage by turning the entire surroundings into all new shape. We work hard to take you to a whole new world of stage where you will be pampered a lot. We believe in offering full entertainment and happiness to the guests.

If you have more wonderful ideas feel free to share with us!

Stage Decoration Ideas For College Function

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