Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Planning A Party For A Teen Or Tween? Here We Present You With Some Wonderful Ideas For Your Next Birthday!

teen birthday party ideas

    Teenager is a phase where you officially say goodbye to your childhood and enter into the world of an adult.

    Throwing a party for little ones is always fun and easy but its not the same when your child enters into the world of an adult.

    They are no longer fond of themes like princess birthday party or a spider man birthday party. They look forward to more grown up party themes.

    Here We Present 5 Best Teen Birthday Party Ideas That You Will Surely Love!

    1. Instagram Themed Party
    2. Instagram is one such social media where all the teenagers stay glued all the time.

      Decorate the venue with amazing Instagram backdrops, banners, garlands and fringes.

      instagram themed teen birthday party ideas
      image source:weheartit.com

    3. Twilight Themed Party
    4. Who isn’t twilight fan? Well all teenager are very fond of it then why not to make it a theme.

      • You can adorned the venue with black and red color balloons, frills and backdrop.
      • You can use electrical white candles to create a soft glow.

      • Plastic fangs can be kept on the table for the guests to wear.

      twilight themed teen birthday party ideas
      image source:Pinterest

    5. Slumber Themed Party
    6. Slumber party is another great theme for teenager.

      • You can transform your room into a cozy little tent and colorful teeny lights.
      • For sparkling skies use glitter balloons.
      • You can set-up an awesome photo booth corner and click tons of photograph in the matching pajamas of your choice.

      slumber themed teen birthday party ideas
      image source:Amazing Interior Design

      slumber teen birthday party ideas
      image source:catchmyparty.com

    7. Movie Night Themed Party
    8. This theme is perfect for all the movie buff teenager.

      • You can set-up a movie of your choice.
      • Make your own customized movie ticket invitation card.
      • Keep some mini popcorn for the guests to munch in between movies.
      • You can create your own smartphone projector.

      movie night theme party decoration
      image source:shop.dimpleprints.com

      movie night theme teen birthday party ideas

    9. Glow Party
    10. Light up the night with glow in the dark theme party.

      glow theme teen birthday party ideas
      image source:pinterest

      glow theme party
      image source:pinterest

    So steal our awesome teen birthday party ideas and make your party stress free!

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    Have more teen birthday party ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Teen Birthday Party Ideas

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