Termites pest control – All you need to know about it!

Termites, Deemak or white- ants are one of the man’s most common enemies. They are often called the “silent destroyer” because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home or yard without any immediate signs of damage.

They can go through 16 pounds of wood in a week and destroy furniture, paper and cardboard. More often than not, we do not realize that these creatures are at work before it’s too late. Termites breed in the soil and dark underground areas. They reside in cracks and holes and dark places within walls and furnishings at your home.

Termites generally require a lot of moisture and a dark place to survive. They do this by building mud tunnels which can help provide them with both. Termites can also hollow out your wooden furniture and furnishings without any visible marks. This is why it is so hard to detect termite activity.


Termites pest control - All you need to know about it!

What causes termites infestation?

Abundant moisture – Moisture is essential to the survival of the termites. They dwell deep underground in the soil and since they are so attracted to moisture, you should make sure there is no reason your house might get invaded by an army of termites. Faulty plumbing, stagnant water and other sorts of water clotting should be properly checked and dealt with immediately before they become breeding grounds for termites.

Warm and Humid climate – Those residing in areas which are more prone to rains have an increased chance of facing termite invasion. It is recommended that you go for pre-construction termite control so that you will have a precaution against the bugs.

Common Signs of Termites

  • Check for mud tubes on exterior or interior walls, gaps in foundation, door jambs, etc.
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it.
  • Wood appearing to have multiple layers of papery-thin sheets.
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass (termite droppings)
  • Discarded wings from swarmers.

Eliminating the Termites

  • No leaks in faucets, water pipes, and A/C units.
  • Keep foundation and crawl space dry in order to eliminate moisture.
  • Remove excessive plant cover and wood mulch.
  • There should be no standing water on roof.
  • Vents should be clear and open
  • All the entry points around water and utility lines or pipes should be sealed.
  • Use splash blocks or hoses to divert runoff from gutters away from the house.

Professional Help – Termites pest control

There are many home remedies you can try out but the best way to protect your house from termite invasion would be to get professional termite pest control done. They are not only thorough but also provide safety for a long time to come. It is advisable to ask the termites pest control services about their chemical treatment, especially if you have kids or pets at home.


Termiticides can give good protection for about 5 or so years but they are not sure-shot guarantee. You need to be on the alert all the time for signs. The biggest problem is the rapid rate at which they reproduce and their colony grows which make things get out of control.

There are 2 types of termites, Drywood termites and Dampwood termites. Though they both need wood to survive, Dampwood termites need moisture to survive. Depending on which specie has invaded your home, you can take steps accordingly.

Check out this video on termites and how to get rid of them:

This is a brief description about termites, how to detect them and the course of action to take. Be careful! Keep your home and surroundings clean.

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Termites pest control – All you need to know about it!

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